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Steve, a former fentanyl user


Sep 19

September 27, 2019

“I’m A Slave to my Fentanyl Patch”

By Andrew Rountree

These are the words I heard from a middle-aged patient who came into the office a few weeks ago. He said to me: “I hate it. Every 3 days I have to re-apply my Fentanyl patch and I can’t stand the fact that I am a slave to it. All of my doctors tell me that I should just stay on this medicine, but I just don’t want to live this way anymore. I feel like I am living my life in some kind of a shadow.”


An interview with Walt


Sep 19

September 24, 2019

Over Sixty, Finally Sober: An Interview With An Alcohol Detox Patient

By The Coleman Institute

With the goal of interviewing people who have inspired me during my tenure at the Coleman Institute, this month’s interview is with Walter.

I have organized my interviews around author Annie Grace’s trifecta of ACT: Awareness, Clarity, and Turnaround. In her 2018 book The Alcohol Experiment, she encourages people to use these steps to explore their own relationship with alcohol.


Woman looking into the sunset


Sep 19

September 16, 2019

The Single Most Terrifying Thing About Admitting You Are Addicted To Opioids

By The Coleman Institute

As the Richmond office of Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine has evolved into treating addiction with a wider spectrum of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) options,* I see more people who haven’t exactly hit bottom (whatever that subjective term may mean), but they damn sure don’t want to find that place.


Holding hands in comfort at hospice


Sep 19

September 11, 2019

Hospice Care and an Addiction Treatment Clinic

By The Coleman Institute

This may not be what you would expect to read in a blog of an addiction treatment program but opioids are my best friend right now. You see, my father in law is dying. Sure, he’s 95, but a month ago he was working and driving! And yet here he lies at a beautiful hospice house high up on a hill beyond a Home Depot and Costco. Life goes on down there.


Hands writing on notepad


Sep 19

September 4, 2019

Focused Goals Help To Restore Energy After Opioid Detox

By The Coleman Institute

I wrote about Ken in an earlier blog titled “Restoring Energy After Opioid Withdrawal.” At that time, Ken was 5 weeks out from completing an Accelerated Opiate Detox off high doses of opioids, including hydromorphone and fentanyl. His energy was beginning to return, but it was still a struggle.


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