The Guide to Understanding Accelerated Opioid Detox

It doesn’t really matter how people originally become addicted to opioids — the outcome is the same. Having to take prescription pills or street drugs simply to function and feel normal is a horrible imprisonment, and it doesn’t go away until they get help.

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Guide to Opioid Detox Devices

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An in-depth look at America’s opioid crisis and the industry-leading options for detox and recovery treatment.

How Did We Get Here?

The consequences of the opioid crisis in America have been horrendous. It has caused enormous suffering with overdoses, broken families, and emotional upheaval all across the country. But how did we reach this point?

Choosing a Detox Method

Detoxing from opioid addiction on your own is extremely difficult — if not impossible — and potentially dangerous, so most people need to seek out professional help through detox. Learn about the most common detox options.

The Right Type of Support

Detoxification without appropriate follow up and treatment is almost always unsuccessful and encourage all of our patients to find a treatment program that will best suit their needs. Learn about the types of treatment modalities.