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Jul 19

July 8, 2019

Isn’t Suboxone® Just Trading One Drug for Another?

By The Coleman Institute

Phillipa has been part of our practice for many years. She has as tough an Addiction Story as any I’ve heard. From getting a taste of hydrocodone as a teenager, she moved on to oxycodone, and finally to a fierce heroin habit which lasted for many years.


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Jul 19

July 6, 2019

Can I Use Kratom To Detox Off Heroin?

By Joan Shepherd, FNP

Several months ago a 26 year old man from Northern Virginia came to the office for an Accelerated Opioid Detox. He had been using heroin for about two years after being on oxycodone for surgeries he’d had shortly after high school. Jim had graduated from a good HVAC program and was a reliable employee. He loved working with his hands. He was just blowing all his money on heroin.


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Jul 19

July 1, 2019

My Doctor Refuses To Prescribe My Pain Medication!

By Joan R. Shepherd, NP

John is a 60-year-old man who was the victim of a motor vehicle accident in 1996 that left him with multiple injuries, including skull, vertebral and other bone fractures. He was hospitalized for several weeks and basically had his entire face rebuilt and rods placed in his back, while other bones were screwed back together.


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Jun 19

June 24, 2019

You Can End Your Fentanyl Addiction Over This 4th of July Holiday!

By The Coleman Institute

Choosing nursing or medicine as a profession usually means that sometime in your career, you’ll be working weekends and holidays. So when my children were young, I had to take my turns doing shifts on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July for many years.


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Jun 19

June 20, 2019

Restoring Energy After Opioid Withdrawal

By Joan Shepherd, FNP

I heard from Ken (not his real name) yesterday. Ken completed an Accelerated Opiate Detox with us about 5 weeks ago. The burden lifted from his shoulders is immense, he told me. He wakes up with the freedom of knowing he can be like a “normal” human: drink coffee, take a shower, snuggle his kids, read his mail…with absolutely no need to compromise his integrity or his wallet by buying pills.


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