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Holding hands in comfort at hospice


Sep 19

September 11, 2019

Hospice Care and an Addiction Treatment Clinic

By The Coleman Institute

This may not be what you would expect to read in a blog of an addiction treatment program but opioids are my best friend right now. You see, my father in law is dying. Sure, he’s 95, but a month ago he was working and driving! And yet here he lies at a beautiful hospice house high up on a hill beyond a Home Depot and Costco. Life goes on down there.


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Sep 19

September 4, 2019

Focused Goals Help To Restore Energy After Opioid Detox

By The Coleman Institute

I wrote about Ken in an earlier blog titled “Restoring Energy After Opioid Withdrawal.” At that time, Ken was 5 weeks out from completing an Accelerated Opiate Detox off high doses of opioids, including hydromorphone and fentanyl. His energy was beginning to return, but it was still a struggle.


Couple Holding Hands


Sep 19

September 2, 2019

Switching from Suboxone® to Naltrexone

By Andrew Rountree

Claire (not her real name) juggles a lot in her life.

  • She is a full-time college student.
  • She works part-time.
  • She is getting married over Thanksgiving.
  • She has an opioid addiction.




Sep 19

September 1, 2019

Beyond the Opioid Detox: 6 Ways to Reboot Your Body’s Energy

By Andrew Rountree

Part of the reason the Coleman Institute is so successful in helping patients from around the world detox off various substances (alcohol; opioids, including heroin, buprenorphine, and methadone; and benzos, including Ativan®, Xanax®, and Valium® from one of our many locations is because we recognize not only are we treating a condition, we are treating a person.


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Aug 19

August 31, 2019

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Detox Off Opioids

By The Coleman Institute

These were not my words, but the words of a patient who completed a 5-day opioid detox with us a few weeks ago. A couple of years ago, his detox would probably have been 3 days—he believed he was using a gram or a gram and a half of heroin a day—but when fentanyl was discovered in his urine, the length of his outpatient detox was increased.


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