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Nov 19

November 6, 2019

The Power of Gratitude

By The Coleman Institute

Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving anymore. Gratitude practiced every day of the year—or most days anyway—is a way to conquer life’s challenges, including depression and recovery.


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Oct 19

October 30, 2019

Memes as a Recovery Tool

By The Coleman Institute

There is absolutely nothing funny about addiction. Alcohol and opioid use disorders are causing deaths at unprecedented rates, destroying families, and costing the U.S. economy billions of dollars per year.


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Oct 19

October 23, 2019

My Patient’s Most Shameful Secret

By The Coleman Institute

One of the most troubling aspects of my job as a medical addiction professional reared its head last week as I entered the exam room for a follow-up visit with Gordon.*

Gordon has had a very successful career in banking. He is the 64-year old divorced father of three grown children who adore him. He is very witty, personable, and engaging.


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Oct 19

October 15, 2019

How Important Are The Medical Staff In An Opioid Detox?

By The Coleman Institute

My patients, the struggles they have endured, and the efforts they have made to achieve sobriety inspire many of my blogs. But yesterday at work, I have to say, I was moved so much by my coworkers.


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Oct 19

October 13, 2019

Getting Off Opiates Quickly

By Andrew Rountree

As the opioid epidemic has exploded, so have treatment options. In the desperation of being personally trapped by addiction, or having a loved one on the brink of losing everything, it can be quite overwhelming to make an informed choice about the most appropriate treatment.

There are plenty of good, solid treatment programs out there, but how is it possible to make the best decision? A person can’t possibly vet every place they find on-line. Word of mouth can be helpful and, sadly, it is easier and easier to find people with personal testimonies to share.


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