Accelerated Ultram® Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Accelerated Ultram® Detox options in Seattle, WA

You may have been prescribed Ultram® following surgery, injury or trauma. with the goal of controlling your pain. But Ultram® is an opioid which means you could be at risk for developing a tolerance, dependence, and addiction.

If you find yourself needing larger and larger doses of your Ultram® just to feel the same level of relief you felt at your prescribed dose, you could already be on your way to an Ultram® addiction.

Ultram® works by attaching to the opioid receptors in the brain and altering how your brain interprets pain signals. Additionally, the brain stops producing its own endorphins. Naturally occurring endorphins are responsible for relieving pain, among other biological benefits. Without these endorphins, your brain becomes dependent on Ultram®.

Abruptly stopping Ultram® can be dangerous. But there is a safe and comfortable way to end your dependency or addiction to Ultram®, and you can complete it in as few as five days. The Accelerated Ultram® Detox at the Coleman Institute in Seattle (Bothell), WA provides non-addictive medications to push the Ultram® from your body. This allows your body to restart its natural endorphin production.

The Accelerated Ultram® Detox at the Coleman Institute in Seattle (Bothell), WA helps to alleviate painful withdrawal symptoms on an outpatient basis so you can keep your daily responsibilities on track while undergoing treatment.

Don’t let Ultram® addiction rule your life.

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