Accelerated Ultram® Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Accelerated Ultram® Detox options in Dallas, TX

Ultram® , the branded version of tramadol is primarily used to treat moderate to severe pain in adults but it is also a powerful opioid agonist. This means that Ultram® can lead to dependency and Substance Use Disorder. Ultram® is commonly used following surgery however an extended-release version called Ultram® ER can be used for severe chronic pain situations. Because Ultram® is prescribed, it can be difficult to see that you are dependent upon it. Even just one dose of Ultram® can result in a dependency.

Ultram® itself is often categorized as a mild pain killer when compared to other opioids like morphine and heroin. But when ingested, Ultram® transforms in the body into desmetramadol, becoming a more potent opioid.

The Accelerated Ultram® Detox at The Coleman Institute in Dallas, TX eliminates opiates from the brain using a safe and comfortable way called The Coleman Method. Using this approach, we are able to detox patients in as few as five days.

Because our convenient Accelerated Ultram® Detox is completed on an outpatient basis, you don’t need to take a long break from your daily life to complete your detox. At The Coleman Institute in Dallas, TX, you can complete an Accelerated Ultram® Detox over the course of a long weekend.

Our Accelerated Ultram® Detox includes Naltrexone therapy to help our patients during the challenging first few weeks of recovery, plus ongoing aftercare support.

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