Boston Accelerated Kratom Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Accelerated Kratom Detox in Boston (Wellesley), MA.

Kratom is a plant-based drug that is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Because small doses of it can create a stimulant effect, it is thought to increase energy and stamina. In the U.S., it is often presented as an herbal product that can aid in the treatment of opiate addiction.

The truth is Kratom has both opioid effects and stimulant effects. The exact way in which it works is not known, but its addictive nature is very similar to that of heroin and other opiates. It has been associated with at least 15 deaths in the U.S. since 2014. More than half of regular users develop a severe dependency to the drug that is extremely difficult to withdraw from.

Our Accelerated Kratom Detox program in Boston (Wellesley), MA removes Kratom from the body in the most comfortable way possible. Using an accelerated approach, we are able to help patients detox on an outpatient basis in as little as three days.

Unlike the misery of detoxing on your own, our Accelerated Kratom Detox is safe, effective, and much more convenient. You don’t need to take a long break from your daily life to complete your detox. At the Coleman Institute in Boston (Wellesley), MA, it is possible to gain your life back from the grips of addiction within the course of a long weekend. Once your detox is completed, our staff can provide long-term support as you begin rebuilding your life and creating new, healthier habits.


The benefits of the Coleman Institute’s Accelerated Kratom Detox include:

Outpatient Care

  • As few as three days to complete the process
  • No general anesthesia
  • No hospital stays required

Minimal Discomfort

  • Safe, assisted withdrawal process
  • Medicine to reduce discomfort
  • Caring support from medical professionals who understand addiction

Long-Term Support

  • Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings and prevent relapse
  • Plan for maintaining sobriety
  • Access to recovery support services


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