Naltrexone Therapy

Naltrexone Therapy

The Coleman Method uses Naltrexone, a non-addictive opioid blocker that reduces cravings for alcohol and opioids, to help patients succeed with their long-term recovery.

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Why Choose Naltrexone Therapy?

Completing a drug detox is an emotional experience — patients are often proud to finish the process, nervous about the future and excited to begin a new life without drugs or alcohol. But staying free from addiction can be extremely difficult, and we understand how hard it can be to avoid falling back into old habits. That’s why the Coleman Institute uses Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to help support long-term recovery: Naltrexone therapy.

Naltrexone is a medication that can be a powerful buffer during the challenging first weeks and months of recovery. With the help of Naltrexone, patients are freed from intense cravings and unable to get high, which gives them the strength and support to look beyond their physical symptoms and begin focusing on the psychological aspects of committing to their recovery.

How Does Naltrexone Therapy at the Coleman Institute Work?

Naltrexone is a medicine that blocks the opiate receptors in a person’s brain — which means it dramatically reduces cravings when they’re taking it. It is non-addictive and does not block the body’s natural endorphins. And if relapse does happen, the medicine prevents the patient from feeling high.

The Coleman Institute offers two specially formulated Naltrexone options for patients, depending on their unique circumstances and needs: implants or injections. Both of these slow-release options give patients weeks of support at a time. For the best chance for lifelong recovery, we recommend that most patients continue with their Naltrexone therapy for a year after completing detox to give them enough time to develop new, healthy habits.

Are you ready to focus on your long-term recovery?

Naltrexone therapy gives patients the best chance for lasting success after detox from drugs or alcohol.

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