Methadone Detox

Methadone Detox

The Coleman Method offers a more comfortable, quicker, safer option to detox – and commit to your recovery.

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Why Choose Methadone Detox?

Many people have successfully used methadone in order to stop using heroin or high doses of opiate painkillers and have begun to recover their normal lives. The problem is that methadone is also a mood-altering narcotic that is incredibly difficult to detox from — even harder than heroin or prescription opiates.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between suffering through a long, painful detox and using methadone for the rest of your life. The Coleman Institute is here to help you detox safely, comfortably and quickly without disrupting the life that you’ve worked so hard to rebuild.

How Does The Coleman Method For Methadone Detox Work?

The Coleman Institute understands the unique circumstances methadone patients face, which is why we carefully adapted our Accelerated Opioid Detox program to meet your specific needs. We start by using non-addictive drugs and sedatives to completely remove the narcotics attached to your brain receptors. Then, because methadone stays in your body for so much longer than other drugs, we extend our outpatient treatment to 8 days rather than the typical 3 days.

Because this outpatient treatment takes days instead of weeks or months, there is very little disruption to your life. After the detox is complete, our team works with you to treat any longer-term withdrawal symptoms to ensure that you’re on the best path to complete healing.

Ready to Reclaim Your Life?

Get back to being yourself with our safe and effective method for outpatient methadone detox.

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