Dr. Nathan Moore, of the Coleman Institute's Denver location, was recently quoted in Westword's article, "Kratom Addiction: Colorado Clinics' Widely Different Reports."

One reason kratom, a popular herb of Southeast Asian origin, remains so controversial is because there's no consensus about its safety as a pain reliever or effectiveness as a tool for helping people get off heroin and other opiates. Take a recent post in which one Colorado parent said the substance turned his son into a jittery wreck and another claimed it had literally saved her daughter's life.

A similar disconnect is evident among clinicians in Colorado.

"We're seeing quite a lot of kratom-use disorders, and it seems to be on the rise," says Dr. Nathan Moore, a board-certified addiction specialist currently working with the Denver branch of the Coleman Institute, a treatment center with offices across the country. Moore adds that ending a dependency on the substance shares plenty in common with the process involved in kicking the aforementioned deadly drugs.

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