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August 2017

Alcohol Detox

Very caring and compassionate nurses.-.made my experience much more relaxed and comfortable. April Ashworth - I feel I couldn't have done it without her support. She is now my primary nurse.

They were most helpful in directing me into recovery aftercare programs. Very convenient location off interstate. My son just found on Internet and so glad he did.

I have interaction with Dr. Coleman, his wife (Joan), and April, ..all three are so real and genuine about your own personal recovery. I had tried inpatient and checked myself out; then found Coleman. It is such a pleasant and encouraging place to detox and come to terms with the alcohol disease.

I have been on naltrexone for 8 1/2 months and feel it has been an important tool for my recovery.Thanks to The Coleman Institute for my sobriety..and enjoying a life finally sober and happy.

P - Richmond, VA

August 2017

Suboxone® Detox

Kept me comfortable through the process. Saved my life!

ED - Richmond, VA

August 2017

Alcohol Detox

I truly felt I landed in the best, compassionate and caring hands of the caregivers at The Coleman Institute in Seattle from the moment I walked into their clinic. I had done extensive research with my family members to find the best options for medically supervised detox in conjunction with other modalities to achieve sobriety. The entire experience from intake, detox, and post-detox was positive and the staff all supportive, informative, knowledgeable, and attentive.

I am beyond satisfied with my progress; I am over the moon happy in my return to sobriety and the return to my joyful life after a few years of events that led to my abuse of alcohol. The Naltrexone implant works like a magic charm for me. I am 8 weeks alcohol-free & the implant is still curbing any cravings. I intend to begin the monthly injections & to continue attending sessions with my addiction psychiatrist and AA meetings. I am deeply committed to and proactive in my ongoing sobriety.

I recommend your program to anyone I know seeking a resolution to their addictions because it WORKS!

No side affects whatsoever for me and it works to curb cravings.

A - Seattle, WA

August 2017

Benzo Detox

It isn't that difficult to get someone off of a benzo...and we've tried many different places...it is however nearly impossible to keep someone from going back on the benzos at some time in the future. My wife is on benzos to some degree now. (.25 mg ativan every 3 or 4 days) With her horrendous anxiety, I don't think that she can ever give up benzos and with the small amount that she takes now they really don't help her. At one point she was off of them 14 months and still went back on them.

Dr. Coleman does a great job of getting someone off of benzos and the cost is not bad. Someone has to figure a way of keeping people from getting back on them, or some other medication that isn't so addictive that is as effective as benzos are for stopping extreme anxiety. A day does not go by where my wife isn't extremely anxious. It is hell on earth for her.

CH - Richmond, VA

August 2017

Accelerated Opiate Detox

I've never met a fine staff of medical people who took the time to answer all my questions and attend to my needs. As I understand my detox from 125 mg of Fentanyl, I can't begin to express my gratitude for getting me off this deadly medication! All of you should be commended for a job well done! Thank you so very much!!

Again the best and most courteous staff I've ever has the pleasure to deal with! They saved my life!!

Dr. Coleman always readily available to me after my detox, returns all my phone calls if I have questions or concerns. Very satisfied with your treatment program. You are all true professionals that help people get through a very difficult process even though this was not my fault it was all doctor prescribe medications fentanyl as you know is one of the hardest to get off of and you made this process relatively simple with very few side effects I can't thank you possibly enough.

The best and most courteous staff I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with made a very difficult situation much easier. I feel like a new man.

EK - Richmond, VA

July 2017

Rapid Opiate Detox

April and Joan both possess a manner about them that makes it easy to be open and honest without judgement. Addicts feel guilty enough about who they are as a person when they walk into treatment, and they make you feel like a human instead of a junkie and like they truly want to help. Caring and compassionate staff, continuing care. Recovery from addiction is not an easy process. Suboxone® therapy does not work and relapses are going to happen simply because of the replacement of one opiate for another. This treatment has allowed me to truly be opiate-free and that is a dream I thought would not come true.

S - Richmond, VA

July 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

All the staff members are very helpful caring and knowledgeable. It is a fantastic group and experience. This has been a life-saving and changing experience. I am amazed at how good I feel and how life has changed for the best i have told several people about the program and that they should look into it for their loved ones I have shared with several people about how amazing the naltrexone is and how it is a miracle blocker

LB - Richmond, VA

July 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

I did my detox in WA with Dr. Mendrey, words can not describe my appreciation for her and the Coleman Institute. She is a wonderful lady, and she really cares about her patients!! This was a life changing experience and would recommend ANYONE that is struggling and really serious about getting clean and staying clean this is the place to be!! I was addicted to opiates for years and never thought I would quit, I'm now 155 days clean from them and only got my initial pellet, i did experience the post withdrawal symtoms for about 3 weeks after my detox but since then I have felt GREAT!! Idk if my pellet has just lasted longer then usual or what but I have yet to have a craving or any desire to go back to using opiates.. I love my life today and for that I will forever be greatful!

HT - Seattle, WA

June 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

Very satisfied with the program wish I would had completed the program years ago.

EY - Richmond, VA

June 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

Program was as described. My opiate addiction was the result of medication prescribed by physicians. When I couldn't detox by myself I consulted three physicians for help. Two stared at me blankly and the third wanted to addict me to methadone or suboxone for an unspecified amount of time. The Coleman process solved my problem quickly, professionally and sympathetically. From the spouse: Your program completely changed my husband's personality from obnoxious, selfish, complaining monster back to the loving, caring man I knew for the 32 years previous to oxycodone! Thank you.

WO - Richmond, VA

June 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

This program was outstanding. I finally got my life back.

Carmen - Austin, TX

June 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

Because Dr Coleman spoke with sincerity and confidence - everything he stated became fact. Because of the kindnesses and compassion felt during the process. Because both the process was successful! I couldn't be more grateful! Could not be more pleased by the care that I received during this experience and too, the assistance that my support person received! Many thanks!

Karen - Richmond, VA

June 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

Caring about patient and outcome.

MRA - Seattle, WA

April 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

Felt I had no way out. This appeared to be the right choice for me. This program saved my life. Before going through the detox program, I felt trapped and I was severely dependent on the drug. The detox was a very easy process and never felt any withdrawal symptoms throughout the time I was there. By the last day, it was all over and I felt great! I’ve stayed off the opiates and will never return to that lifestyle. Life is much better now that I don’t have to chase that awful drug. I can leave the house and travel without worries of running out of pills. Life is much better. It’s been 4 months since my last use. Thank you very much!

AD - Austin, TX

March 2017

I am a former patient and a recovered addict of 14 years. I came to Virginia and received two implants between 2001 and 2003. This therapy saved my life. I now own my own business and have a full-time job, a husband, and family. Right now, the deaths from heroin overdose are skyrocketing out here. Surprisingly, nobody is aware of the naltrexone implants. Every week I look at the obituaries and they are flooded with young people. Many of them were good people from good families who simply ran out of options. I know how important clean time is for addicts. I want this therapy to be better known. I'm desperate to get the word out and hopefully save some other good people so they can go on and live their lives like I was able to.

Holly - Richmond

March 2017

Accelerated Opiate Detox

We are doing great and your program was literally a step towards a freedom we never knew existed!

CC - Austin, TX

March 2017

Accelerated Opiate Detox

Saved my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Brandon - Richmond

February 2017

Rapid Opioid Detox

As an addict in recovery, I would highly recommend The Coleman Institute for anyone out there struggling with substance abuse. The nurses and doctors are not only amazing at their jobs, they really strive to help you get clean and stay clean. I have been on the Vivitrol® shot for almost a year now, and it has helped me more than anything I've tried in the past. Thank you to everyone at The Coleman Institute for all you do to help me maintain a healthy and happy life!

BR - Richmond, VA

February 2017

Opiate Detox

Overall, I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to detox in a short time and with great support. I am now 60 days clean and the Naltrexone treatment has helped greatly in my overall adjustment to normal life without pain medicine. I am also in a better overall mood and was able to stop taking Prozac. Assuming they can afford the price, the treatment is absolutely crucial to someone who is locked in physical dependence and addiction. I feel that the price of the treatment is a good value when compared to the cost of an out of control addiction...unfortunately some people won't have the ability to afford the fee I fear.

Colt - Tampa

February 2017

Opiate Detox

The process: 3 days, then, 2 days off, after that back to work…it’s like nobody noticed what i accomplished except my sponsor. Exactly the way i wanted it to be. It fit right into my schedule unlike before when i did it on my own it took 4 months. Wish i would have known about this sooner however was able to research all types of treatments and was very confusing until i found your info online and listened to doctor Coleman explain the process; then i realized there was hope. Yes, clean and sober. i am so removed from that lifestyle after this treatment it seems like years have passed, not months. Fast and efficient, effective for people who want change in their life and don’t have a lot of time to accomplish this. Keep up the good work.

Tony - Schaumburg

February 2017

Alcohol Detox

I appreciate your referral to “The Bubble Hour”. Have listened daily.
(Note: The Bubble Hour is a radio program hosted by Jean M., a sober woman dedicated to breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism.)

SF - Richmond

February 2017

Fentanyl Detox

Nice staff…Dr. Frederick is very good. I tried Fentanyl by myself. Impossible. So I researched and found The Coleman Institute.

ML - Austin

January 2017

Accelerated Opiate Detox

To Jennifer:
I wanted to thank you for helping me save my life.

This treatment was exactly what I needed. It's been almost three weeks and I feel great to have my life back.

DD - Austin

January 2017

Opiate Detox

Dear Coleman Institute Staff:

I can't tell you nor express my gratitude enough! What you all did to give us our lives back, there just aren't enough appropriate words for. All we can say is that we believe God ordained and intervened in our situation; He used YOU. Your whole staff, the lot of you are angels sent from heaven.

We came in (to the Glendale AZ office) January 3, 2017. Dr. Sloan explained in a gentle and kind way the procedure for rapid detox we had seen on the news and website. Skeptical as we were, we decided to go through the procedure because the alternative was to watch my husband either die or sink further down into his addiction which would have surely cost him his livelihood. His addiction was killing us, not to mention destroying our home, marriage, and family, we labored building for over 35 years!

This past week, over the Presidents' Day holiday, we came in for another implant to address some of the PAWS. In the drive from Phoenix back to L.A. I could see improvement with my own eyes. So much so that he drove the entire five hours home!
Phenomenal, and extraordinary is what you all are.

I'm keeping you all (Michelle, Allyson, Rachel, Dr. Sloan) and the entire staff in our prayers. Praying for others to specifically receive recovery and healing through you all.

BR - Phoenix

December 2016

Rapid Opioid Detox

I actually went through this process and came to your facility in VA probably about 8 years ago now. I did also get the naltrexone implant from you which worked flawlessly. I do have to say Dr Coleman, you still look the same and like you haven't aged a bit. lol Cool to have stumbled onto your video. I hope that many others are fortunate enough to fall upon your system and treatment facility/program.

DR - Richmond

November 2016

Suboxone® Detox

The Coleman Institute was a God sent for my daughter. Dr. Coleman, Joan, April and the entire staff are the nicest people you will ever meet. They really care about the patient and helping them through the detox process making it as easy as possible. I highly recommend the Coleman Institute - you will not be sorry.

Having a loved one go through a detox is never easy. As the support person, you are the patient’s life line through the entire process. There are times that I needed extra help after hours and one phone call was all it took be to receive the guidance I needed. These folks really know what they are doing!!

Dr. Coleman and his entire staff are super people and will do anything to help you during your detox. They really care and are there for you 24/7 during the program…now she wants see them as her doctor.

Wonderful place! Clean and friendly environment. Only a small negative with the Richmond location is parking can a little tough at times. However, this is in NO WAY a reflection on Dr. Coleman. There are other business's around that are responsible for the parking problem.

My daughter is Opiate free for two months now after a 17-year addiction. This is the place to come for help with addiction issues. I already have recommended Dr. Coleman to friends in Indiana! The program works and it saves the life of the addict. Give my name anytime, to anyone that wants to know how good Dr. Coleman and Staff are!

The implants are an extended part of the program and helps ensure a continued drug free environment after the detox is over.

What more can I say? Very caring people, a super detox program, after hour help. If you really want to improve - clone every person there at The Coleman Institute so you can help more people.
Thank you for giving me my daughter back.

JB - Richmond

November 2016

Alcohol Detox

This process can save your life and will improve your overall health. Learned about this therapy from my therapists, I was not aware of this treatment.

RA - Richmond

November 2016

Opiate Detox

It feels good to be pain med free. I am thinking clearer and functioning much better. I gave the fliers to my own doctor because he didn't help or know where to get out patient detoxing. I found the Coleman Institute on the computer and when I called, Jennifer called back and got the ball rolling and sent the application (screening form).

The detoxing program is great due to the fact it can be done as an outpatient.

Claude - Phoenix

November 2016

Rapid Benzo Detox

To Rachel:
We are home and I wanted to thank you real quickly for your help. My parents and I were impressed with your insight and ability to not judge. You are very good at what you do. We were also (please pass the word) very impressed with the quality of care there in Richmond and I greatly appreciate it. I'm hanging in there and know it only gets better. Hope you are well.
Thank you again.

AJ - Richmond

November 2016

Rapid Opioid Detox

Doctor Coleman is an amazing human being. He told me once: We cannot heal what we cannot feel & we cannot feel what we medicate.

CM - Richmond, VA

October 2016

Thank you Dr. Coleman! You are heaven sent ... your procedures really do work...you guys are like angels for so many of us! I think the world of Dr. Keating for changing my life & my world. God bless!


October 2016

Opiate Detox

Amy was fantastic.... if I left her a message, she called me back within the hour every time. Made the process quick and as comfortable as possible. Also love the fact you don't use other addictive detox meds like Suboxone® or methadone. This program saved me… now, I'm two months clean. I can't make any suggestions for improvement because everything was better than what I ever would have expected.


October 2016

Rapid Opiate Detox

I love the care they give! Dr. Joan Shepherd she is awesome I love her! They all are wonderful people!

HR - Richmond, VA

October 2016

Suboxone® Detox

Jennifer was very helpful and encouraging as I knew nothing of the Coleman Institute prior to calling her except for what I had seen online.

I really appreciated Dr. Frederick's staff, both Selina and Melissa, who were outstanding with their attentiveness, care & compassion while my daughter went through this process. And, Melissa was very responsive to my phone calls and e-mails as soon as she received them during aftercare. I appreciate the initial time spent with Dr. Frederick who explained the process to my daughter and me. Finally, a doctor who told my daughter what I had been telling her all along, Suboxone® is not good for you.

Daughter had tried unsuccessfully coming off Suboxone® herself, after being on this medicine 7 years. Great to finally find Dr. Frederick who told her this medicine was not good for her. Great having naltrexone therapy to come off quickly. However, she was prescribed a medicine called Gabapentin for pain, not able to control taking that herself, so we are just now weaning off it. According to her psychiatrist and my research, you can get high on this drug and one should not come off it suddenly.
Daughter continues to live with me while she is getting her life back. She now has a job and has attended support meetings. It's good to hear her say that she is SO glad to be off the Suboxone® as she realized it was ruining her life, unlike what previous doctors had told her. She/we are taking it one day at a time under a psychiatrist care. And her Wellbutrin is helping. My daughter might want to fill out a survey herself, but as a support person, thought you might like my input.

Daughter's personal experience trying to come off Suboxone®, long acting drug, slowly weaning was impossible for my daughter. Doctors had her convinced she should come off very, very slowly. They were never in a hurry to get her off and kept telling her it was okay if she needed extra for pain. This kept her in an addictive mode and gave her excuses to abuse other stuff. She needed a clean brain "quickly" to "begin" her healing. I was extremely thankful to find the Coleman Institute online.

The implant gave her support while her brain was healing itself with home nutritional therapy. And it gave her support until her antidepressant had time to kick in. Even psychologically, she knew it was deterring her from abusing. If it's in your system, you don't have to remember taking the medicine and you don't deliberately not take it in a moment of weakness.

Kent - Austin, TX

September 2016

Opiate Detox

Your program is awesome. I’m so glad you have this program. It truly works. I feel great….thank you.

LD - Richmond

September 2016

Alcohol Detox

The team was very professional and compassionate. Your service was very instrumental to my recovery. I moved my family physician to Hamilton Family Practice because I felt so comfortable with the staff and their care. I have already had a physical exam and am very appreciative of the service and care.

CB - Richmond

September 2016

Rapid Opioid Detox

Such an amazing place to get detoxed I was on 22 mg of Xanax a day and went through it with no pain the staff and Dr.Coleman are very passionate about what they do. Money well spent thanks again I will be forever thankful.

EK - Richmond, VA

September 2016

Alcohol Detox

I took my brother to Coleman Institute in Largo, FL. He had been addicted to alcohol for 15 years, got the implant on day 3, prayed really hard, and guess what....it SAVED his life!!! He stopped drinking. Naltrexone Implant is a miracle! He does not have cravings, has not had a drink since the day before we went to your facility for detox. He almost died from alcohol addiction. His pancreatitis has gone away, he is eating and able to keep food down, has not vomited since the morning of treatment. He is happy, and no longer feels that he is in prison from his addiction. THANK YOU so much for saving his life!!!

CC - Tampa, FL

July 2016

Dr. Hossain & Amber – can’t find words that express my gratitude. Just received my 2nd implant, my cravings are non-existence. My prayers are that this can be more available to so many that need it!

KB - Tampa Bay

August 2016

Rapid Opioid Detox

Definitely the best money I've ever spent looking forward to my future with the Coleman institute as they assist me on my road to recovery.

GT - Richmond, VA

July 2016

Rapid Opioid Detox

I recently finished treatment here. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Coleman. My family and I were treated so well and I felt so comfortable there. My nurses April and Kim helped change my life forever. I will never forget their compassion and just willingness to help me get better. They genuinely care about each of their patients. They are there to see you get better, there not just a facility you'll remember going through treatment. They are like family! It is with their support and guidance that I am discovering I can be the best me for those that I influence and my family. I am now able to pay my life forward and in the turn impact humanity in a positive light. Its very sad how opiate use is affecting so many people and family's. I was scared for so long of the detox and wish I would of gotten help from the Coleman Institute a long time ago. This is the one and only program I would ever recommend to anyone. Please if your struggling with opioid addiction or know anyone that is please check out their center. We drove about 3 hours away but I met many others that drove 12 hours plus! Don't wait, you never know if you'll get another chance!

WJ - Richmond, VA

July 2016

Rapid Opioid Detox

Just finished 5 day detox Friday .I feel a hundred times better then what I thought I would. Kathy is amazing ,she got me comfortable as quick as possible on the 1st day. I was in bad withdrawal ,she was literally running to get me relief asap.DR. Coleman just has a charm about him.He inserted my implant on the 5th day. Rachael is fabulous too.. I was addicted to opanas , which are one of the worst opiates. I hardly felt any withdrawal after the first day. I tried detoxing myself numerous times during my 8 yr abuse , which obviously didn't work. Today I am 8 days opiate free. Don't be scared at all , it's almost painless . Thanx again to everyone at the Richmond Coleman center.

KK - Richmond, VA

July 2016

Was glad I didn’t have to suffer to detox. That was always the hump I couldn’t get over. This is by far the best way to detox and try to get off opiates if you are serious about it.

AS - Richmond

July 2016

My experience with detox and the naltrexone implants has been nothing short of amazing. I am so glad I chose to go through with it. I just do not understand why this treatment modality is not more widely available or even known about; it really should be THE standard of care for alcoholism.

SH - Richmond

June 2016

Excellent staff in every way! Much more comfortable and effective than trying to detox on my own. Everyone I encountered was supportive and kind. This meant a lot during a very tough and uncomfortable period. I have already recommended you to my Oncologist and Primary Care doc (who prescribed the opiate). They were both waiting to see how it went so they could consider it as an option for patients similar to me.

MJ - Richmond

June 2016

Detox was nearly painless and very much doable. All of the staff (especially Dr. Rick Sloan) were caring, compassionate and genuine and the detox process was the easiest I had ever experienced.

RB - Phoenix

June 2016

Dr. Sloan and the whole staff were wonderful, so sweet, professional and caring. I loved them all! 7 weeks into the implant…..not sure if the effects are wearing off. Will be getting shot next week and have some questions regarding the shot. I thought the detox was amazing. No pain, total comfort.

Nate - Phoenix

June 2016

Everyone was very knowledgeable, very friendly, they made the process go smoothly, I was very impressed with the program. I’ve been through many detox programs and this by far was the best. Everyone actually cared about my wellbeing, they did everything possible to make me comfortable and took the time to setup a post detox plan.

Nick - Phoenix

May 2016

I have battled addiction to opiates from the young age of sixteen. The Coleman institute was the most caring and concerned treatment facility I have ever come across. The protocols they have in place made my detox from methadone easier then I ever expected. This is the one and only program I would ever recommend for someone struggling with addiction. At the end of the detox you have the option for naltrexone implants to help secure sobriety in the beginning months. Dr. Coleman I am eternally greatful to you and your staff for helping me regain my life.

TT - Richmond

March 2016

Amazing staff! This is the only thing that worked form me in years of trying to get clean. Medicated detox and the use of naltrexone make during and after a very easy process.


March 2016

After five years of use I finally have my life back. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It may be a lot of money but the alternative of not spending the money is a life of havoc. Thank you for saving my life.


March 2016

It was still a very good experience for a very bad situation. They made things much more comfortable than going through it alone. I could not see myself doing this alone. I’ve tried… This is a successful program. You have to follow-up with aftercare.


March 2016

Ladies at the Richmond office were the best. Made this process more comfortable.


March 2016

You saved my son’s life and made him very comfortable through the entire process. The Doctor (Hossain) was always very responsive of every need/concern. My son commented to me more than once that he wished this program was available to more people. Unfortunately, it is very costly and not everyone can afford to pay what I paid. I thought it was worth every penny to save my life.

RC - Tampa

March 2016

I have detoxed from opiates before, including the Waismann method, and this was by far the most comfortable. Dr. Sloan and his staff were awesome.


February 2016

Everyone is amazing….Incredible staff!

I was most worried about how I’d feel throughout the process but you guys made it incredibly comfortable. I’m most pleased with the awesome staff all around. Most importantly, the program got me sober. The hardest part for me was getting over the hump and going through withdrawal. I wanted to get sober; just could not do it myself. The program is worth a lot more than it cost.

I’ve had some rough days and wanted to use just to feel better and the implant has prevented this which is amazing in itself. All around a great experience. Even, after the fact, when I felt some more meds would help, they were provided. And once again, staff couldn’t be better.

Kevin P

January 2016

Loved dealing with Jennifer, she was a pleasure!

Dr. Hossain and his nurse are the best! We loved our nurse and want her every time we go back! Very satisfied. Everything was explained to me in detail and I would recommend anyone to try this!

Brandon - Tampa

January 2016

Kind and helpful… very educational… you are lovely people!


January 2016

Dr. Keating and Tina were the best ever! They made me feel great and very helpful. Got me clean, sober and off Methadone! Was very comfortable.

S. Lambert - Atlanta

January 2016

Jennifer was very pleasant and returned my calls and emails in a timely manner.

My son always had a hard time detoxing and getting through the first couple of days of withdrawal. This program is excellent and wishing it was also available in Canada. My son is doing very well. We are going down to Seattle for his second injection.

We have already recommended your program to our friend. His son is also addicted to opiates.


January 2016

Dr. Coleman, as well as both nurse practitioners, could not have been any better...a wonderful mix of compassion, expertise, positivity, concern and respect. You made this process much less threatening and actually restored hope. Thank-you all!!

My daughter was treated with compassion and respect and her symptoms were addressed quickly and thoroughly. She is ready for her 2nd implant, and thus far, we couldn't be happier with the results.

It is so encouraging to see my daughter not only drug-free, but HAPPY. I pray that this program continues to work ... you are all doing important work here...you are actually giving back a patient's will to live a better life...and you are doing it in a compassionate, caring manner, leaving the judgement to the rest of the world.

Thank-you all from the bottom of my heart!


January 2016

Very quick, very effective. I have experienced many detoxes years ago when I first got into recovery and this one was by far the easiest, the quickest, and the best. I came to TCI to detox off pain pills. I was taking for my back condition. Actually, Dr. Coleman was right; I am able to deal with the pain better now than before.


January 2016

Dr. Sloan’s office is amazing. He was always there to help even on the weekends. He knows what he is doing. I am successfully off clonazepam after being on it for 12 years. The staff were all professional. I am from Canada and there was great value for what I paid for treatment. I am so grateful I found this clinic!!

I had a hard time coming off of benzos. I tried 5 separate times to come off benzos. This treatment has changed my life. No longer am I dependent on high doses of benzodiazepine to function. It’s refreshing having a clear mind now. The Coleman Clinic in Arizona for Benzodiazepine Dependence was the best thing to happen to me. Thanks Dr. Coleman for the great support throughout treatment. I have no more benzo- withdrawal symptoms. Nothing major anyways. I feel better every day. As time goes by (it’s been almost 2 months now) I feel better. The Coleman Clinic’s methods of detoxification off Drugs and Alcohol are the best methods in terms of safety, and long term success.

The Coleman Clinic in Arizona was the best thing to happen to me. Thanks again Dr. Sloan.


January 2016

Enjoyed my visit w Joan Shepard and the staff today. I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to my next visit. Peace, love and blessings to you all.

Dawn Evans

January 2016

Believe no one can get clean on their own. This detox is awesome. Just need to make sure the follow-up is done. Implants last longer and two months go by quickly. Plus, the cost is a lot, but necessary. Other drug addicts just so not know or believe in the program. Would like to be an example of success and do a referral program with you. I know people in many states and Arizona who need this detox.


January 2016

Went above and beyond; very helpful, very reassuring and comforting. Dr. Hossain was very honest about processes and what to expect. After being on methadone for 3 yrs I knew what I was up against. Without the Coleman Ins., I would be nowhere close to where I am today. I feel great. The first three weeks after the procedure were accompanied by fairly severs PAWS, however it has been nothing but up from there!

Without your facility, I would have been in for 3-6 months of pure hell. Being up against such a monster without your help is unfathomable. I was given the quality of my life back and in a fraction of the time as other methods, with minimal discomfort. So glad I discovered you guys, which was done thru the internet. The website is awesome, easy to understand, navigate and alone answered many concerns and questions.

John - Tampa

January 2016

For myself it was miracle to not have cravings. I had used methadone for 14 years. I was never able to come off this. My only problem was my clarity of my mind was so quick and my mind raced. It has slowed. I would recommend this for anyone who has a good support network.

Patrick Bird

January 2016

I dealt with Amy (when I called) and she was amazing. She returned my calls and answered all my questions. She was very patient and worked with me the whole way.

Dr. Zaret' was great. He explained everything to me and my support person and was very patient with all the questions we had. He was very personable. The entire office staff was great. My detox nurse was Kathy and she was super amazing. She treated me and my support person with compassion and understanding. I appreciate her being able to relate to what I was going through.

The ease of the entire detox was great. I would recommend this to anyone who does not have the 30 plus days to donate to an inpatient facility. For me, The Coleman Institute was the best choice for me and my family. I did not have single second of discomfort the entire time. I hope more people choose this program.

I would have liked a few calls to check on my progress after the detox….that would be my only advice. Otherwise, I had a great experience.


January 2016

Amy was generally not available when I called her a couple of times; however, she called me back promptly after I left her a message. Dr. Zaret was awesome. This was my second time with detox by Coleman. The first time in 2014 I completed and aftercare plans and received multiple contact attempts from Coleman via email and telephone with one including recommended aftercare measures. My recent detox I did not get as much attention with aftercare. Dr. Zaret did suggest 12 step aftercare but I told him those meeting only give me new drug connections.

I am satisfied with the program…although I feel I did not get the level of aftercare follow-up during this last detox, there is a good chance I may not have followed it anyway… I’m over it now and no longer believe that I was intentionally treated different. I would recommend it because I believe it works. I did go thru and still experiencing what I believe are rare adverse side effects form the naltrexone implant that are not pleasant and are difficult to deal with but I will make it thru this a I truly want to stay clean.


December 2015

Merry Christmas to all of the staff. Thank you so much for giving me my son back. He’s doing great!

Thank You,


December 2015

Hey Rachel,

LM here from NYC. Just wanted to let you and the others at Coleman know that today is 30 days clean and sober. Feels like a year!

Been going to meetings every day, reconnecting with old friends and new ones from the program. Life feels hopeful again.

Twins are due Feb 14th and so grateful I made this decision when I did. One day at a time…. the future feels bright.

Just wanted to give you an update. Hope all is well with you and those at Coleman. Please pass on my thanks!

Happy Holidays!


November 2015

Thank you all so much for your compassionate care these past 10 days. Each of you has your special way of relating to both the patient and the support person that has made this process so much easier.

Never underestimate the importance of your compassionate care.

The little things you do mean so very much!


October 2015

Just wanted to give u a quick update. Still reeling from that last day with lack of energy, sleep, and constant stomach ache and unable to keep food in. Good news is I can now fit back into my old 1980's black jeans. But seriously, I've been constantly in touch with therapist and also reaching out to all my old NA buddies. Essentially calling myself out. My secret is exposed to the light. Will start making meetings as energy comes back. Going through some serious healing with wife which I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to do especially with the soon approach of our twins.

Can't even begin to express my gratitude to all of you. Trust me when I say when I was doing this as a 14 year old boy there was no love, no compassion. You felt you were drowning and was waiting for someone to throw you a life jacket. Usually they never came and when they did they'd sit around discussing whether to give you a life jacket or an oar or a boat meanwhile you're drowning. Every single person at Coleman even down to the kid that delivered my meds never made me feel the shame and guilt that us addicts know how to render to ourselves so well. Instead, we were greeted with hope and opportunity to not be another statistic. Why I've gotten to live while so many others throughout the years have died, I don't know exactly, but what I do know is that this time around it was because of the nurture and care of The Coleman Institute.

Thank you Rachel for allowing me to be vulnerable on that first day, although really you had no choice… I was a weepy mess. But you gave me a Kleenex, and you listened, and asked me to keep checking in. So I will. Because you need to be reminded of just how important you all are as well.


October 2015

Methadone Detox

This place has saved my life. After 15 years on methadone & countless rehabs, this is the first time I've ever completed a detox. I completed the detox 1 week ago & I feel great! Thanks to Dr. Coleman, April & all the caring nurses there!

MT - Richmond, VA

October 2015

The office stays each day were quick and comfortable. The medications helped me rest and allowed me to have a good night sleep. I was able to call the Dr. (Frederick) late at night to adjust my medication to better fit my needs. The Dr. was able to answer all my questions and explained what was going on with my body.

In my experience, it was a very pleasant detox, pleasant as any detox can go. It was fast and comfortable all the way through the program. Only wish I found this place sooner… there is nothing to fear with this program. Now, I have life to start living to the fullest. The implant gives you that extra self-help so you don't go back home and screw up.


October 2015

Rachel (North) did a great job talking to my son. She is very compassionate but not afraid to tell it like it is and get honest with the patients. She spent time explaining things and talking to both of us. She also spent extra time with me clarifying several things. So far I have been satisfied. It was difficult being the caregiver, but if this works it will be worth it. All of the staff were very nice and helpful.

I think a little more info needs to be given to caregivers during the process. Let them know more specifics of what can be expected with the person going through detox. Don't just say it affects everyone differently. Tell ways that patients can react/act during the process.


August 2015

After being on suboxone for ten years, I thought there was little hope for life without it. However, the Coleman Institute was just a phone call away to beginning a new chapter in my life. Dr. Coleman and his staff were professional, compassionate, caring, and top notch in the service that they provide to individuals that need a new lease on life. Throughout the entire process, I felt that I was in good hands. When I became anxious and had concerns due to the intense nature of what I was experiencing, those fears were always quelled by the intelligent, well-trained staff.

Thanks to all of you that I interacted with: Amy, you accommodated me on short notice. You were my initial contact with the Coleman Institute over the phone. In addition, one of my final goodbyes when you came out to meet me as I left the clinic. Since you work in a different building, you didn't have to do this but you did! Selena, you helped me at check-in and always had a smile on your face each morning. Trupti, you are a native New Yorker so we bonded instantly. Thank you for your gentle nature when administering shots! Janet, your great energy and caring nature always put me at ease. You always made sure that I was comfortable and did anything/everything when I wasn't. Kim, you introduced yourself on the first day even though your role in the process occurred on the very last day. I will never forget your warm introduction. Lisa, we spoke about my Crohn's and you were there on the final day of treatment. Giselle, your bright smile and kindness are not forgotten. Rachel, you listened to me when I had so much to say and really cared...that meant a lot! Also, thank you for taking the time to write the letter I requested. April, you promised me from day one that everything would turn out well and it did! When I needed reassurance, you always provided it with a sweet smile and a few laughs. You've always been available to answer any questions and concerns and it's greatly appreciated. Joan, your caring and gentle approach put me at ease whenever I needed comfort. You always reminded me that I was responding well to the process and I would be okay. I also enjoyed our conversations about what Richmond had to offer.

Dr. Coleman, all of this wouldn't be possible without you! Your expertise in the accelerated detox technique is allowing people like me to no longer be prisoners to an undesirable substance. Your genuine concern and support throughout the process are admirable. I really appreciated the big hug on my last day. It showed that you had faith in me and my recovery. I will never forget my days at the clinic and can never thank all of you enough!!!


July 2015

Just a note to let you know how things are going. Well, we all had the best 2 weeks in years! You guys were amazing!
It looks like we have our son back and he is enjoying his new life. It is so exciting to see him clear-headed, funny, loveable and focused. We knock on wood every day and pray he is able to stay respectable and nourished.
Thanks to all of you who the chance to treat our son, especially Rachel, Dr. Coleman, Joan and (I forgot your name) who hooked up my son to the IV!


July 2015

Joan Shepherd (NP) was very knowledgeable and helpful during my admittance process and spent plenty of time answering our questions and re-assuring us in the process. Your program was completely successful. I have now regained my strength and have complete clarity of mind. The insomnia is now past history.
Thank you for freeing me from the Suboxone® dependency.


July 2015

Everyone at the Richmond office was fantastic to me! They were so helpful and caring it made me not feel so uncomfortable. They helped me come through the detox with flying colors!


July 2015

Great, very helpful regarding intake. My son is doing great! Just wish you were in our area to help with monthly treatment! I wish I would have known about you 2 years ago because I believe my son’s girlfriend would be here today if we had known. Jennifer made a phone call for us and arranged a prescription for us to locally receive the monthly shot. We would still come to you if we could not find anyone here. Wish you had Saturdays for injections only.


July 2015

Great group of people….non-judgmental! They all rock…Dr. C, Kim, Joan…Thanks for what you do!
From the initial call to this very moment, I feel like I have a knowledgeable caring group of pros covering my back. I am amazed every day at what is returning to my life. I know of no other program that is this awesome!
Start looking for a bigger place. You are gonna need it!


July 2015

Jennifer and Amy were amazing to get me in! Everyone was amazing; best experience ever considering the situation!! They are all so friendly and did not judge me at all!!
Rachel set me up with great resources and I’ve been doing great with NA daily, my IOP and my therapist!! I am completely a new person. I have recommended so many people already because in Maryland no one will detox you off of Methadone.
I just had a great experience with everyone….Doctor Coleman, Joan, Kim and Rachel went above and beyond for me…I love them for giving me my life back!!!


July 2015

Want to thank Dr. Coleman for coming up with such a great program. Much easier than Ultra Rapid Detox. I just finished accelerated detox off of methadone in AZ with Dr. Sloan. Thanks to him and his staff as well...all super nice! I detoxed off heroin in 2004 with Dr. Coleman before he changed the procedure and even that went really well; so, thanks to him and his staff for that as well. If you are an addict and you want to get clean, TCI is the place to go. Very comfortable detox and the implant and shot work great for cravings and for blocking opiates, too.


July 2015

Jennifer is great…someone I will never forget. She helped through a very tough process.


May 2015

The staff in Seattle was available, returned all my calls, was very informative in letting me know what steps to take since I couldn't go back to see the Dr. because of distance. The process was great and I feel very good about the decision I made.


May 2015

Detox was good and the implant is working well…Best detox I have experienced!


May 2015

My contact was Jennifer. She was very nice, always prompt and professional. She patiently answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable.

Dr. Coleman did my detox. What can say about him - just awesome and amazing! He really is a very humble person, very down to earth but highly skilled and knowledgeable in what he does. He ensured that the process was made as painless as possible for me. He was always there for me and what's great is that he still is. I feel that he is only a phone call away.

By the way, I travelled to Richmond, Virginia from Toronto, Canada - the best decision I ever made. Dr. Coleman is #1 - the BEST!!!

I would recommend Dr. Coleman in a heartbeat.


May 2015

Excellent program. Saved my life and family.

I'm feeling healthy and immediately was able to go to work, exercise and return to yoga practice. I need to continue to figure out why I started abusing drugs.

The care from staff in Schaumburg was great. So glad I found the Coleman Institute.


May 2015

I just wanted to let you guys know your program is the best thing I could have ever found. I went threw your methadone detox in Seattle in June of 2014 and my life is so full of joy and hope I have been clean ever since 6-25-14. Your program is the only thing that could have got me off the methadone, now the thought of pain killers or methadone make me sick to my stomach. I just wanted to let you guys know how wonderful your program works. I have been spreading the word to anyone that will listen and I'm happy to report I finally talked one of my friends into trying your program; he started on Monday and he is amazed on how smooth the detox is working. Again, thank you for giving me back my sanity.


May 2015

I've been opiate free for 11 months, thanks to The Coleman Institute, Richmond, Va. Dr. Peter Coleman, Courtney Hardin, Joan Shepard, Chris, Kim, all nurses, entire office staff, etc. Treatment and respect from staff surpasses all and any other detox plans. Just to be treated with a kindness, caring, understanding and judgement free group of people who care... Cannot put my gratitude into words. I'm not the same person, I'm a better person for detoxing Dr.Coleman's way. I'll be receiving naltrexone implants or Vivitrol® injections for the rest of my life. Those implants and my desire to "live" again, saved my life. Thank you Dr.Coleman, Courtney and entire team and staff....... I'm living my life again.


May 2015

Doctor Rosenfield, Jenesis, and Teka,

I hope this allows for a long enough message... I cannot thank you three for all your care, understanding, laughs, support, guidance, and follow up; I have never felt better. Minus the sleep issues I am having, just getting back onto a regular sleeping pattern, I feel like a new man.

If I move back to the NW, I would be a customer of yours for life. I really do mean it, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May God bless all three of you immensely! If I can ever do anything to help promote what you do, or be a reference, just say the word. You saved me from a bad place.

Thank you so very much,


April 2015

Jennifer was nothing but professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Everything was explained in full detail and we felt very equipped to make educated decisions regarding the treatment. This process completely changed my life and I am extremely blessed to have been cared for by such a well-trained, professional, and concerned group of people throughout the entire process. I cannot adequately explain how grateful and pleased with the program participated in. The entire staff and experience far exceeded my expectations and delivered a second chance on life.


April 2015

Very pleased and thankful for the amount of care and the level of attention offered…the treatment was super comprehensive and well thought out. Jennifer was nothing by professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process, everything was explained in full detail. This process completely changed my life and I am extremely blessed to have been cared for by such a well-trained, professional and concerned group of people throughout the entire process.

A big thanks to Dr. Coleman and his entire team for allowing me an opportunity to live a life that I have been destined to live for a long time, but just didn’t know it.


April 2015

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the support you all gave me and I feel amazing and will continue to work on my recovery and will be back for the second implant. You should be getting some phone calls because I have recommended you guys to a couple of inquiring people. Have a good day!


April 2015

Thank You. I am so grateful for all the care and help you gave me. I felt rested and cared for and everyone has such a wonderful personality. I hope the ECMA (TCI’s Seattle office) has great success and grows in leaps and bounds.



March 2015

“Happy to be alive and sober!”

This was the text I received from my son this morning. We are praising God for leading us to The Coleman Institute. Obviously, his journey has just begun, but your program made the "start" a reality.

He has had no drugs of any kind since Monday, the day if his detox. Yesterday was a little "odd", but he woke up this morning clear headed and ready to go to work. We are greatly encouraged. Tomorrow, he will be going to an orientation meeting at the rehab center in town.

Please pass along our gratitude to Dr Coleman and all the staff that helped him. I know Jim (not his real name) will be giving his own thanks, as well.

Blessings to you all.


March 2015

I hope everyone at the Coleman Institute is doing well and continuing the success of the work that you all carry out. I just wanted to stop by and let you all know how great things have been going.

This is Joe (not his real name). Since I left your clinic a little over a year and a couple of months ago, things have been steadily improving for me. I just wanted to let everyone know from Joan, Courtney, and most importantly, Dr Coleman. When I first spoke with Dr Coleman, one of the first things he said was "you don’t know ‘blank’ about this". I said, your right…I totally didn’t. All I knew was that I was in a world of turmoil with problems and financial crisis.

I followed through and had several implants afterwards, and woke up one day and decided that that would be my last implant, and it was. Since then, I have not used, not even once, as I know that the process I received at Coleman was a once in a lifetime service. I have been going to meetings since then and reaching out to others and doing my part in aiding others, just like people did for me.

I have regained stability, paid off legal fees, and gotten my life back 100%, and I am ever so thankful for the folks at Coleman for making this possible.

Just wanted to check in and let the staff know how I am doing.



January 2015

I spent a lot of the past week at Coleman with my son. After a back injury, poor surgery and a year wait for a second effective surgery, he became dependent on opiate painkillers and had a heck of a time the past few months. I was hesitant and had no idea what to expect. Did not really understand the difference between rehab and detox and was very doubtful that 5 days could really effect much change.

From the minute we walked into your welcoming waiting room the Coleman Institute was really, really great. The program is so thorough, your staff explains the steps and options very well, and the treatment rooms are pleasant and welcoming for family. Most important your nursing and social work staff are uniformly well trained, pleasant and just really great.

I loved how the nurses were so non- judgmental, respectful to the patient, kind, chatty and at the same time able to be direct and get history and detailed, sometimes painful, personal information. They knew just when to strike during a treatment day to ask questions. Several times my son told me that chatting with Joan or our other wonderful nurse (whose name I forgot) made him realize several things that have to change for him. Big stressors he didn’t even realize. The conversations made things clearer for him. How great is that!

I would highly recommend Coleman to anyone looking to do medical detox.



January 2015

To: Nurse Shepherd and all staff,

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. Because of the wonderful work you do, you save lives – including mine and my friend's. From the fun with Giselle at the front desk, to every single attentive nurse and doctor, we offer our sincerest gratitude.

Onward and Upward!


January 2015

Jennifer is awesome! Not sure what would have happened if she hadn’t have worked so closely with me to get me to Dr. Coleman. As a repeat client, I have trust in Dr. C. and his staff, and the detox process as well as their encouragement to move forward in the recovery process.


January 2015

It was a great experience; the staff was very caring and attentive. I am feeling better than ever and have not craved alcohol since. The Naltrexone implant works and you don’t even realize it’s there.


January 2015

Almost three years ago, your services were recommended to us and I am so glad we listened to them. We brought our son into your clinic and you literally saved his life. He was there for benzo (Xanax) detox and three years later he is still clean.

The staff there were very professional and at the same time very caring and sweet. I have recommended your services to many I know that have struggles with addiction. My son became himself again and he has become quite the responsible adult that he longed to be. He has run a business for a family member’s company and is also working and continuing to go to school at night.

My family could not thank Dr. Coleman and his wonderful staff enough for everything you all did to help my son and get him clean. We got our son back and he is doing wonderful now, so Thank You from the bottom of our heart and God Bless. You all are THE BEST!


December 2014

I'm well beyond being satisfied, I'm thrilled with the progress my son has made. His whole life has changed as a result of this treatment. This is an amazing program, truly amazing.

The staff was incredible from start to finish, but it's the results that matter. This was a miracle. I got my son back after 2 years of darkness. The results were more than I could have ever hoped for. After 6 weeks, as a result of the treatment and the Naltrexone implant, desire to use is very low. Positive results had such an impact, and with the implant, using was simply not an option. There are no side effects, and I'm getting more sleep.

I can't say enough about this program. It's truly a miracle. I can feel things I haven't felt in a couple years. It's a wonderful feeling. I feel so indebted to the great staff IN San Francisco; they were so caring and friendly. Dr. Glatt was incredible, very focused and caring… easy to talk to.

The results were nothing short of a miracle.


December 2014

The Staff in Richmond was incredible and highly recommended. Joan is the best! Everyone was compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. Amy Stewart was extremely helpful with everything leading up to day 1. She is an absolute asset to your company!

No cravings, energy and mood improving and in counseling and doing great. Saved my life! Keep doing what you are doing…saving lives. Giving people second chances at life!

Complete judgment free zone!


September 2014

Words cannot express our gratitude for this opportunity. You had faith in our recovery and by working with us in so many ways, you have put us on a path to sober living. In one weekend, you managed to save at least two lives!


September 2014

Your detox program has been a blessing. My son has become a much better person in ways I cannot describe. Dr. Coleman and staff did an incredible job. I cannot thank you enough!!!!


September 2014

After trying myself several times and unable to get through a few days, I was amazed how comfortable I was going through the detox process. All of the Dr.’s and staff were very friendly and understanding through the whole process. I honestly thought I would not be able to quit using and have been absolutely amazed in how easy it was at The Coleman Institute and am grateful that I was able to complete everything in Virginia.


September 2014

This clinic saved my life! The staff, especially Dr. Keating, was compassionate, caring and very professional! They were not judgmental and were truly there to help me as a patient.

DV - Atlanta

Sep 2014

Dr. Coleman and his staff have done nothing short of save my life. I have struggled with alcohol for my entire adult life... He is by far the best doctor I’ve ever visited and the staff made me feel welcomed, comforted and unashamed for taking the giant leap forward towards living a healthy life. I, as well as my family, will always be grateful. Thank You!


September 2014

Absolutely. I'm getting blown up by people at SMART Recovery meetings wanting more information on this. No one seems to know about it, and we need more exposure, but when they hear there is an option that isn't an opiate/opioid its self, ears perk up everywhere. I'm preaching your gospel.


September 2014

I would recommend it because I feel it does really work, if you are truly ready to get off of drugs.


August 2014

I have already told multiple people about The Coleman Institute. I felt like it was my only way out, but it required a lot of research for me to find this program. I want to let everyone I know, who is on methadone maintenance, about this program. I believe it is a light at the end of the tunnel that most of us felt was dark. This place changed my life and I'd like to spread the knowledge to any it could help.


July 2014

We were very satisfied with your program. My daughter has been struggling with an opiate addiction and had been on Suboxone® for 2.5 years. The Suboxone® was impossible for her to quit. She tapered down to 1 mg and still could not make the jump. She suffered terribly with anxiety and depression due to the Suboxone®. Suboxone® was ruining her life and at 23 years old she just wanted to die. This detox program has given her back her life.


July 2014

I will always have a special feeling for the staff in Richmond! While I'm sure that I was NOT pleasant to deal with, they really were! What you offer is unbelievable in its impact on the lives of people who are going through a nightmare. It, in my opinion, is pretty miraculous! I was trapped with no way out, but you all got me out!!


July 2014

I was and still am very satisfied...because I felt as if you all cared....genuinely. I know if I hadn't received treatment, I'd be dead...no doubt……. My journey began in July ,2014 and with naltrexone implants, I'm feeling hopeful...and I'll continue treatment for at least another year....but probably, even longer, because I know that's what I must do. Failure isn't an option. I'm living again.


June 2014

Greetings Dr. C,

Hope you're enjoying the warm weather.  I know I sure am.  I wanted to give you an update on my progress.  After 5 months, counting from January, 2014, I'm happy to tell you if I'm not 100% healed then I'm 99% healed.  I feel terrific.  Still working out, eating healthy and enjoying life. 

I no longer have that weird sensation of my facial skin crawling and haven't had it for a while now.  I sleep well, my endorphin production is back and I feel better than I have in 20 years.  This is not an embellishment whatsoever either. I'm actually in better shape than I was at 28 years old.  Not only did I go through your program but I made a complete lifestyle change. I went from almost 230lbs to 164lbs getting all the fat off.  Then, when I started to feel a little better added working out and cardio.  I've since gained back to 185lbs and have stayed at that weight.  All the pounds I added were muscle. 

I take Vitamin A, B-complex, C, D, E, zinc, a multi-vitamin, biotin and fish oil. I would highly recommend to anyone going through your program to start working out.  Even if it's just walking around the block or riding a bike.  Once I started physical activity daily I started to feel that much better quicker.

Also I'm in the middle of opening up a restaurant.  I thought about a franchise but have decided to go it my own.  I'm up for the challenge.  Thankfully I have experience.

I also wanted to thank you and your staff for getting me through the toughest 45 days of my life.   You always showed me kindness and concern and for that I will always be appreciative.  It was very hard but I always held out hope that the next day would be easier and it was.  I thought because of my MS that I would have this ball and chain around my neck for the rest of my life.  And that wasn't a happy feeling whatsoever.  If I had known how well this would work out I would have gone through it several years ago. Your service is worth a million dollars in my opinion. 

So here we are 5 months out and I'm loving life and all the things that come with it thanks to you.  I'm more active than I've been since I can't remember when and excited for what the future holds for me and my family.

So best wishes to you and your staff.  The world needs more Doctor C's in it.  You're the best.



May 2014

Perfect combination of caring medical care and cost-effectiveness! I would not change a thing!


May 2014

Dr. Coleman is inspiring….what more can I say. Naltrexone is simply a godsend to any addict. We need that kind of long term help.


May 2014

This was our last hope for my brother-in-law. His report with Dr. Coleman and the Naltrexone was essential to his continuation and sobriety.


May 2014

I was a patient in 1999. I am aware of the kindness, compassion, non-judgment of Dr. Coleman. On this occasion, I required (again) treatment for opiate dependence; I wouldn't consider any other provider. I am delighted the practice has expanded to include two NP Providers… Joan & Courtney - both are top notch professionals. I am in the very best place to receive medical care & SA treatment. I have total confidence in the Practice. The detox nurse is wonderful as are all members of your team.

The Detox is totally comfortable (I experienced “amnesia” on those three days + the two days following) The focus on total abstinence rather than harm reduction strategies. (My detox with another company in Florida, in 2005, involved Suboxone®…16 mg/day for 30 days, then, I was sent home with a 30 day supply and told "find a provider to prescribe on a maintenance basis”). Right....No such luck… and this decision was made for me without asking what I wanted. I suffered horribly when that prescription ran out.

I recommend the Implant (could be removed if emergency or a necessary surgery required). The injection, while more agreeable esthetically, does not offer that option.

For impulsive individuals (like myself), this provides a form of insurance as I reestablish my sobriety and rebuild a full life and manifest the joy and peace every person deserves to experience.

Life buffets us all; escape through substance use is an illusion and a potentially deadly choice. This implant is saving my life. I am so delighted to be a client of the Practice. I have the utmost confidence in the entire team.

Joan & Courtney Rock!!!!! And, of course, Dr. C...thank you for your lifelong dedication to treating opiate dependence and your innovation in developing the AOD and Naltrexone implant.


May 2014

If anyone I know ever struggles getting off of benzo's, this is the ONLY way I would tell them it is possible. I have tried many other ways and this worked wonders.


May 2014

Professional and knowledge staff. Did everything possible to keep my son comfortable. Sent us home with enough information to carry on treatment. Always available to answer questions.


May 2014

Personal concern by staff and taking the extra time needed for counseling, listening to the patient's concerns were upper most important and dealt with in an honest and empathetic manner.


May 2014

After finally making the decision to go through your program, it has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. Every fear I had or could imagine...your team made them all go away!

You made it possible for me to get my life back, both physically and mentally! My family and I will be forever grateful to each of those there who cared.


May 2014

I would like this to be posted on the Coleman Institute website to be shared;

I want to thank Dr. Rosenfield and the staff in Seattle for giving me my life back.

I felt lost and now I am found. I was losing hope that I would never be able to achieve sobriety from Valium, but I can happily say I have reached my goal.

Dr. Rosenfield made the impossible possible and I cannot thank him enough. If anyone reading this is struggling like I did to withdraw from benzo's, the money spent is worth every penny.

I am me again. I can do things that I thought were forever lost, things I love. It is hard work, but very worth it and any nervousness I had was dissipated the first time I met with the staff.

Thank you for changing my life!


April 2014

My apologies for not writing you earlier ~ thank-you so much, Dr. Glatt and your wonderful staff for the great treatment for my son. You, Dr. Glatt, and everyone on your staff was wonderful to work with and so kind and patient. That was a very difficult time for us and my son was a difficult patient. I'm happy to report that he is doing well, staying clean, and will hopefully be headed to work on a fishing tender(boat) in a few weeks.


April 2014

Dear Dr. Coleman:

Thank you for giving me back my life. I had suffered for years under the dependency of drugs, specifically Ativan. Your detox program made me free in one week. I am ecstatic with my drug free life.

My energy level has increased dramatically. I am so happy and it was very easy.

I was so afraid, but the non addictive meds you gave me helped make it all possible.

Thank you so much for my new life.


April 2014

Dear Dr. Rosenfield and Staff:

Thank you all for having made my recovery possible. I honestly could never have achieved that all important goal of mine alone. You were all so very kind to me and patient with me. I will never forget that.

I am a new person now and everyone sees it. That is not to say that my like is walked down the primrose path, but I am finally starting to live rather than just surviving. I can now participate in things which I had thought were lost to me forever. I am also grateful for your help and care!


April 2014

The Coleman Institute and your detox procedure has been a blessing for my son and for our family. The staff members and Doctor Coleman are the absolutely best professional medical team our family has ever worked with.

Sincere, kind and very knowledgeable with regards to the addiction issue that plagued our family.

Thank all of you so very much for helping our son regain his life and happiness; we can certainly tell from working with each and every one of you that this is not just a job for each of you; it's a mission, because we felt the love in your heart for us.


April 2014

I went through your detox program twice with the implant. I failed miserably at my first try at your program after a few months (my fault). The second time, I tried your program, and as a fool, I tried to relapse during 4-5day detox but didn't only because was taken from me. A true junkie refuses to let go of his bag but I did that night.

You upped my detox a day early and put the implant in me. I felt horrible for months (no sleep) but I followed up for a year with it.

I want to say it was end of 2008, possibly 2007. My life was such a fog, I can't even remember. Since that last detox with you, I have remained clean and have no desire or thoughts to ever want to again after 10 years of misery. Your program played a big part in my recovery, but your honesty and kind straight forwardness made things sink in my head that it was time to hang it up after countless cheats with death.

You can't remember every patient that comes through, but I never got to say thank you for giving me my life back. It is greatly appreciated more than you will ever know....


April 2014

Thx Courtney for checking in, my son is doing great!!! I removed his stitches last night, he left his girlfriend, who also had a substance abuse problem, and he moved in with me for now. He has a very clear head. Thank you all so much for giving my son back to me, I missed him so much! I will be sending some pictures for you to share! Coleman group rocks!!!!

PS: We are back at the gym!

April 2014

Dear Coleman Institute Staff,

My husband and I were at Coleman Institute with our son. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience the entire process was. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but everything was above and beyond my expectations. In all my years seeing different medical professionals in many different offices, yours was the most impressive I have ever been to. Your facility atmosphere was warm, clean and comfortable, the staff friendly, helpful and caring and the entire process ran smoothly right down to the last detail.

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and well-spoken both Courtney and Joan were. Jen was there every step of the way, answering all of our questions and made us feel right at home. There was also another nurse, Trupti; she was the first face we saw upon arrival and was also very kind and gentle to our son. Then, there was Chris, who was very easy to talk to and get to know, his friendly face, helpful suggestions and encouragement will always be remembered. Even though we didn’t spend much time with Dr. Coleman, it was a pleasure to meet him and talk with him on our last day. We didn’t have the chance to meet Jennifer Pius while we were there, but have spoken and emailed her before and after our visit, and she has been a wonderful help throughout the process. You are an amazing team of people who work together flawlessly, and I hope at the end of every day you feel good about the work you are all doing.

It’s been one month and our son is doing great. He’s seeing clearly for the first time in a long time, and it’s been wonderful to see all the changes in him over these four weeks. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate having our son back again. I feel like he has been given another chance in life, that he couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Thank you all for everything you do; for your compassion, your knowledge, and for putting together this amazing program. I hope that you continue to have success in bringing this program into other states across the country in order to reach out to as many people as you can!


February 2014

The entire staff was kind and understanding. Every question I had was answered honestly and completely. Great care was given to ensure I was kept comfortable. The staff's kindness was shown to my family as well. Having a private room for me where my family could be by my side the entire time meant a lot. Excellent and professional care was given, yet it was a relaxing atmosphere. The entire experience, from the first phone call with my 1,000 questions thru the entire treatment was excellent.

The chip (implant) worked exactly as it was explained to me. I have no cravings! I am 3 months clean! I am back to enjoying life instead of being ruled by an addiction. One of the best decisions I have ever made!

You will not regret it! It will be the best decision you ever make! This treatment really does work! Even though it was scary at first, you will be treated with respect, kindness by caring and professional team! Everything went a lot better than I had imagined. There was prompt care given to keep me comfortable.

I would, have and do recommend this treatment to anyone that is even thinking about it because of the one simple fact that IT REALLY DOES WORK!

Again, I say, after finally making the decision to go through your program has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. Every fear I had or could imagine...your team made them all go away! You made it possible for me to get my life back, both physically and mentally! My family and I will be forever grateful to each of those there who cared.


February 2014

Dear Coleman Family:

I am just writing this yearly thank you note because, honestly, I cannot give you enough thanks for “saving me”. I know that the best doctors and staff like you all are not easy to find.

You were all so amazing with extreme kindness and patience in dealing with me as I was getting clean. I know I was tough at times, but I owe you all by becoming a successful Addiction MD, so I can be helping others as you helped me. As you know, my overall health is fantastic and I am 7 years clean!

Thanks for inspiring me!

January 2014

To Joan

It’s good to know warm, considerate people who try to help others in all that they do…people whose lives show the meaning of God’s love. It is good to know a person like you.

This card says it all. I am blessed to have met you and thank your for too many things to name. With warm wishes and enormous respect.


January 2014

To Dr. Coleman, Joan, Courtney, Jenn and Natalie:

Thank you so much for your kindness shown to us while we were at your office. Thanks Jenn so much for your jumper cables….you are the greatest!

We will never forget you!