Video Testimonials

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Reducing Chronic Pain - One Man's Story
Brad - Opiates "I now have my family back."
Ryan - Heroin "Seven months clean."
Jason - Heroin "This detox was definitely the easiest one I've tried"
Ted - Methadone "There is light at the end of the tunnel."
Brandon - Suboxone® "Addicted to suboxone for 6 years, this was the best thing I've ever done."
Thomas - Methadone "Detox off of Methadone was surprisingly painless."
Bert - Parent of Patient "I got my family back."
Stacy - Opiates (Painkillers) "I'm free from drugs now."
Dustin - Opiates (Heroin) "I thought I could do heroin one time, I was wrong."
Jesse - Opiates (Painkillers) "Dr. Coleman is a Godsend for giving me my son back."
Diane - Opiates (Painkillers) "You're a new mommy now and I love my new mommy."
Ronnie - Methadone "I feel good. I feel clean. I am going to stay that way."
Robert - Opiates (Heroin) "It was ten times better than I expected. It was smooth as could be."
Molly - Opiates (Heroin) "It was really fast. It was all over in 3 days."
Ben - Methadone "There was no possible way to get off drugs on my own."
Pam - Benzos "It was like seeing in black & white and now seeing in color."
Charlie - Opiates (Heroin) "Life is good. Being clean brings me lots of joy."
Neile - Opiates (Painkillers) "I had enough of being sick and tired of being sick and tired."

All video testimonials are TCI patients who volunteered to tell their story without compensation.