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By simply visiting us for information, you’ve taken the first step toward the next chapter of your life. Whether you think you may be struggling with substance abuse — or you know you have a drug dependency and are ready to make a change — you’ve come here seeking answers to some very hard questions. We’re ready to help.

Asking for support is rarely easy. But with TCI Freedom 1, we’ll show you how to get the guidance and care you need, so you can live the fulfilling life you deserve. And it all starts with a phone call.


Introductory Phone Call

Before beginning the Accelerated Opiate Detoxification process, we’ll first consult with you to determine if our services fit your needs.


What to Expect

You’ll have your introductory conversation over the phone with Jennifer, our Director of Clinical Services; or Amy, our Clinical Supervisor. Jennifer and Amy have nearly two decades of experience in the field of addiction and caringly provide support and information to potential patients and their families.

We understand that the thought of “detoxing” can evoke fear — but it doesn’t have to. Often, when patients come to The Coleman Institute, they have either tried to detox before and failed, or they’ve experienced the painful symptoms of self-detox. We’ll help you take the mystery out of detox by thoroughly discussing the process with you and answering every question you or your loved ones may have.

During our initial conversation, you’ll learn more about TCI Freedom 1, including our:

  • 98% detox completion rate
  • Details and requirements
  • Fees
  • Ongoing treatment options


Pre-Treatment Assessment

After our first conversation, you will then be able to speak with a physician to review your medical history by telephone. During this time, the physician will also give instructions on how to prepare for the detox treatment.

Once the pre-treatment assessment has been completed, we will discuss scheduling, financing and lodging information, as needed. We are here to support you each step of the way and ensure the most comfortable and safest detox possible.

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