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A life without addiction begins with getting clean. But, if you’ve ever tried to self detox, you know the process is so painful that even the strongest person would struggle to last more than a day or two. When you try to go “cold turkey” on your own without help, the physical symptoms can seem unbearable — and using again can feel like the only way to make them go away.

With The Coleman Institute’s Accelerated Opiate Detox process, you don’t have to go it alone or suffer through the agony of self-detoxing.

Since 1998, we have been refining our Accelerated Detox processes to create the safest, most effective way for you to detox and move on with your life. And we’re proud to say that approximately 5,000 patients have used our process — and over 98% of them successfully completed their detox.


What to Expect:

Unlike traditional rehab that take weeks or months to complete, our TCI Freedom 1 accelerated detox process typically takes only three days — on an outpatient basis. So, you not only shorten the treatment time but also don’t have to take an extended break from your daily responsibilities.

Of course, when you choose sobriety, any detoxing program will create discomfort, as your body learns to live without dependency. So, while we can’t promise that your experience will be pleasant at all times, we can promise that the experience will be far more tolerable and comfortable than trying to detox alone.


Detox Day One

On the first day as a patient, we’ll ask you to arrive at TCI in a mild state of withdrawal. By doing so, your body will have already initiated detoxification and be ready to receive the first medication dose. This dosage includes sedatives to make you comfortable. Once the medicines are in your system, you’re discharged for the day with your support person. And because your health and safety is our number one concern, we’ll provide your support person with complete guidance on how to best care for you until you return for treatment the next day. You will be receiving sedatives and comfort medicines around the clock under supervision.


Detox Intermediate Days

After Day One, your support person brings you back to the office for a visit with our medical practitioners. We will adjust the dosage of sedatives and other comfort medicines to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. On each day of the detoxification we give you micro-doses of Naltrexone. This medicine helps speed up the detoxification process and basically tricks the brain into healing more quickly.

Because every person is different, some patients will only have one intermediate day, while others need a few more. From the start, we closely evaluate your unique treatment needs and will customize your care.


Detox Final Day

On the last day of treatment, we will gently and comfortably push any remaining drugs out of your system. To ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during this step, we usually insert an IV, so we can provide extra hydration, vitamins and nutrients. For most patients, the last day is actually quite easy because their brains have already begun to heal.

By the day’s end, you’ll be completely free of any drugs.

Remember: after detoxing, no matter what treatment you choose, relapsing is always possible. So, at The Coleman Institute, we never finalize detoxes without helping you stay clean long after your detox is over.

To prevent cravings or reduce withdrawal symptoms, we provide you with Naltrexone in one of two ways, depending on your needs:

  • Insert a small implant under the skin or
  • Give a monthly injection.

The non-addictive Naltrexone therapy will continue to block your brain from accepting opiates and reduce cravings for at least 6 – 12 weeks, following treatment. We believe this Naltrexone support gives our patients the best possible chance for a lasting recovery — they can better focus on healing without cravings or withdrawal symptoms pulling them back toward dependency.

And with this step complete, you’re finished with your detox and can go home!


For more information on our Accelerated Detox Technique, watch Dr. Coleman explain the process:

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