Besides helping people release themselves from chemical addictions and launch new lives through our various Accelerated Opioid Detox programs, we also have a pretty robust family practice.

Many people in our community with addiction issues become our family practice patients. It’s helpful for your doctor to know your history and understand the medical problems that accompany alcohol and/or other drug addiction.

I am humbled and inspired when people with long-term sobriety come for an office visit. There is an air of joy, acceptance, and perspective. In contrast to patients who are experiencing acute anxiety (which is not uncommon in early recovery), these patients radiate a peacefulness about them-even in the presence of complex medical, emotional or social issues. The message they send is: I could have been dead so many times in the past because of things I’ve done, every extra day is a gift.

Most of these folks spend some part of their week in ‘selfless giving.’ They are quietly accessible to others who need help. They live in deep joy but not in deep drama.

The staff at The Coleman Institute in Richmond, Virginia are no strangers to the occasional difficulties that arise during rapid opioid detox, and we know how to help our patients through it. However, it is incredibly gratifying to watch these patients continue to unfold into greater self love and improved health over the years as they embrace long term recovery.

If you or a loved one need some help getting off opiates (or alcohol or benzos), I hope you’ll call. If you’d like to continue in Family Practice with us, we’re available and ready to help.

Joan Shepherd, FNP