Heroin Detox

The Coleman Institute provides Heroin Detox Options in Seattle, WA

Heroin’s highly addictive qualities can cause addiction after just a few uses. When someone becomes addicted to heroin, the drug hijacks the brain’s chemical production, causing a decrease in the amount of endorphins the brain produces. Endorphins are needed to feel happy and reduce pain. Without them, users feel the need to increase the heroin dosages just to function daily.

Our Heroin Detox program in Seattle, WA removes opiates from the brain in the most comfortable way possible, so endorphin levels can return back to normal. Instead of the typical 10 days, our detox only takes about 3 days.

Our outpatient program is one of the most effective, safest, and most convenient ways to free yourself from addiction.

  • As few as three days to complete the process
  • No general anesthesia
  • No hospital stays required

Following a Heroin Detox at our Seattle, WA location, our medical professionals will offer long-term support through Naltrexone therapy, a sobriety plan, and access to recovery support services.


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You can free yourself from addiction. Add your name to the 98% of patients who successfully completed their detox.

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