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The Coleman Institute offers a variety of outpatient detox treatment options at locations nationwide. Our ground-breaking Coleman Method has helped thousands of patients recover from the effects of addiction. Whether you want to detox from opiates or alcohol, we can help.



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Opioids for Chronic Pain: Can My Doctor Refuse to Prescribe Pain Medications?
More and more doctors in the United States are refusing to prescribe opioid pain medications in an effort to help curb the ongoing opioid crisis. Read more about why this is a major issue and how we can help you detox from pain medication.

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My Pain Doctor Cut Me Off, What Do I Do?
For the chronic pain patient who finds himself cut off by his pain management doctor, the Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine provides an opportunity to ‘clear the playing field’ and see what the reality of No Opioids means.

Eve’s Story of Pain Medication Dependence

When Pain Medication Becomes a Dependency
Any opioid, even pain medications prescribed by your doctor, can cause dependency. Read about Eve, a nurse whose opioid use went from treatment, to dependence, and ultimately to detox and recovery with help from the Coleman Institute.

When Does Energy Come Back After Opioid (Pain Medication) Withdrawal?

When Does Energy Come Back After Opioid (Pain Medication) Withdrawal?
Many people in recovery express frustration with feeling a lack of energy after going through an opioid detox. Working with our counselors, support groups, and other reliable resources can help people get through this tough period.

Accelerated Detoxification

How Can I Get Off These Bloody Pain Medications?
Over the years, the Coleman Institute has helped many people who have formed a dependence on prescription pain medications get off of them and live an opioid-free life. Find out more about how we can help you.

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