Accelerated Kratom Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Accelerated Kratom Detox in Northern New Jersey.

Kratom is just as addictive as opiates and just as difficult to wean oneself off of, as withdrawal symptoms can turn severe and dangerous. While this drug is often presented as an herbal product that can aid in the treatment of opiate addiction, it has life-altering consequences.

Our Accelerated Kratom Detox program in Northern New Jersey removes Kratom from the body in the most comfortable way possible. Using an accelerated approach, we are able to detox patients on an outpatient basis in as little as three days.

Unlike the misery of detoxing on your own, our Accelerated Kratom Detox is safe, effective, and much more convenient. You don’t have to take a long break from your daily life to complete your detox. We make it convenient for patient near New York to travel to our outpatient facility and gain their life back within the course of a long weekend.

In addition to detox, our goal is to support lifelong recovery in every way we can. Our three-step treatment plan includes Naltrexone therapy to help our patients during the challenging first few weeks of recovery. Don’t let addiction rule your life any longer.

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