In part 1 of Dr. Peter Coleman's and Dr. Banimahd's interview, they discuss how you can detox off opioids with naltrexone as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) versus using Suboxone.

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Dr. Coleman & Dr. B Talk Naltrexone vs. Suboxone: Part 1

Dr. Banimahd

Hi everybody, it's Dr. B, and today I have an exceptional guest, Dr. Peter Coleman from the Coleman Institute. And today, we're going to talk about an exciting topic, something you don't hear much on my channel, and we're going to have an incredible insight into this. We're going to talk about naltrexone as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) versus Suboxone.

So, Dr. Coleman comes to us from Richmond, Virginia.

Dr. Peter Coleman


Dr. Banimahd

We've known each other for two to three years, and a little background on him from my end.

He's the founder and the medical director of the Coleman Institute. And he's been doing this for quite some time. And now they've sort of been absorbed in by Bay Mark Health Services, which is quite a large organization. I know them well; they're a wonderful organization. They work in the substance abuse space.

Is that correct?

Dr. Peter Coleman



Dr. Coleman’s History With Substance Abuse, Recovery, and Helping Others

Dr. Banimahd

Before we get into what we’re talking about, can you tell us a bit of yourself, Dr. Coleman?

Dr. Peter Coleman

Sure. I'm a physician initially from New Zealand, went to medical school, and then came to America in 1983 as a family practice resident in Virginia. But I was already suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder myself.

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Abusing Alcohol, Cocaine, and Opioids

Dr. Peter Coleman

I was heavy into drinking and then using other drugs like cocaine. And then I got into opioids, and on October 28th, 84, I had an overdose, and I was forced to go into treatment. And I didn't know anything about addiction at the time.

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Undergoing Treatment from Alcohol and Opioids

Dr. Peter Coleman

I certainly didn't think I had a problem.

I was convinced I was just a bit of a risk-taker and someone who liked excitement, but I certainly didn't know I had an alcohol or a drug problem, but the Board of Medicine forced me to go to treatment for four and a half months. And during that time, I came to see that reality. I'd been suffering badly for a long time and was very depressed.

Realizing Family Past With Alcohol

Dr. Peter Coleman

And I realized I came from an alcoholic family. My mom was an alcoholic. My uncle and his daughter died of suicide because he was a bad alcoholic. My brother is also an alcoholic. So I started learning all about addiction.

I realized I wanted to help people.

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Starting a Fellowship in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Peter Coleman

Then I did a fellowship in addiction medicine, and I've been working in the field for 34 years and sort of just dedicated my time to helping people get clean and sober.

It's been a fabulous journey.


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