Xanax Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Xanax Detox options in Phoenix, AZ

Xanax, a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine, is a highly addictive psychiatric medication that affects the body’s central nervous system. Medical doctors often prescribe Xanax in cases of anxiety disorders or panic attacks. Typically, the drug is considered safe to take for short-term use, but its sedative qualities can be highly addicting and lead to lifelong dependence.

The Coleman Institute in San Francisco, CA offers a Rapid Benzodiazepine Detox where users can free themselves from a Xanax dependency in as few as eight days.

Our three-step treatment program uses low doses of Flumazenil to flush the Xanax out of the body and control withdrawal symptoms. Patients in our program usually experience much milder withdrawal symptoms with fewer instances of panic attacks and insomnia.

The Coleman Institute in Phoenix, AZ is committed to helping people find the road to recovery. Whether you were prescribed medication by your doctor or started using Xanax for recreational purposes, a lifetime of dependency is not your only option. With our innovative detox program and expert medical team, you can free yourself from addiction.

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