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For more than two decades, the Coleman Institute has helped over 8,000 patients across the country successfully complete their detox.

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Available Treatment Options Near You

The Coleman Institute offers a variety of treatments options for our patients across the U.S. If you are seeking treatment for one or more of the following, please call us now at 877-773-3869 or schedule a callback to find treatment near you.

Are you located near Richmond, VA ; Boston, MA or Cleveland, OH? Learn more about these office locations or call us now at 877-773-3869 to find treatment near you.

Why Choose The Coleman Method?

At the Coleman Institute we have a deep understanding of addiction works and how horrible withdrawal is. That’s why we’ve created a safer, more comfortable outpatient detox program that has a 98% completion rate and can be finished in as little as 3-8 days.

With The Coleman Method, in just a few days you can rid your body of opioids and be ready to take back control over your life. Because this outpatient treatment only takes a few days, there’s very little disruption to your life. Plus, you won’t face the discomfort that causes most people to relapse so you’re given the best chance for a successful detox and recovery right from the start.

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