Alcohol Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Alcohol Detox options in Orange County, CA

Alcohol is such a common part of our society and culture that most people do not think of it as a drug. The truth is it is one of the most addictive drugs available and, as such, is one of the most widely abused.

Alcohol dependence can start without even realizing it. This distinct disease suppresses the body’s natural system of dealing with stress. As a result, the body becomes unable to calm itself down in stressful situations without the use of alcohol. This quickly turns into a looping cycle that is difficult to stop.

Our alcohol detox treatment in Orange County, CA allows patients to break the cycle of alcohol dependence and get the long-term support they need for a life of recovery. Using an outpatient treatment, we are able to safely and comfortably detox patients in our Orange County location in as few as three days.

Unlike the misery and danger of detoxing on your own, our Alcohol Detox treatment is safe, effective, and much more convenient. You don’t need to take a long break from your daily life in order to complete your detox. At the Coleman Institute in Orange County, CA, it is possible to reclaim your life from alcohol dependency over the course of a long weekend.

In addition to detox, our goal is to support lifelong recovery in every way we can. Our three-step treatment plan includes Naltrexone Therapy to help our patients during the challenging first few weeks of recovery and our caring medical professionals are also available to provide ongoing aftercare support.

Get clean and stay clean with the help of the Coleman Institute, Orange County, CA.

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