Buprenorphine Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Buprenorphine Detox options in Austin, TX

The Coleman Institute in Austin, TX offers Buprenorphine Detox to help you free yourself from the destructive effects of opiate addiction.

At The Coleman Institute in Austin, TX, we know that opiate addiction is not a weakness and it’s not a personality flaw. It is a chronic disease that requires treatment just like any other. We offer Buprenorphine Detox to those suffering from Substance Use Disorder to help free themselves from the devastating impacts of Buprenorphine addiction.

With our Buprenorphine Detox process in Austin, TX, you don’t have to go it alone or suffer through the agony of self-detoxing. Unlike traditional rehab, our program doesn’t take weeks or months to complete. In fact, most can complete it in a few as eight days on an outpatient basis. This shortened treatment time allows our patients to detox safely without taking an extended break from their daily responsibilities.

Benefits of Our Buprenorphine Detox in Austin, TX:

Outpatient Care

  • Outpatient care in as few as eight days
  • No general anesthesia or hospital stays required
  • Safe, assisted withdrawal with non-addictive medication
  • Caring support from medical professionals
  • Long-term recovery support with a plan for maintaining sobriety

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