Prescription Drug Detox

The Coleman Institute Offers Prescription Drug Detox in Cleveland (Willoughby), OH

If you want to change your relationship with prescription opioids, the Coleman Institute in Cleveland (Willoughby), OH, can help with our Prescription Drug Detox program.
If you’re struggling with dependence on prescription drugs, you’re not alone. Many people take these medications for a legitimate reason but then become dependent on them. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to quit taking prescription opioids on your own. However, recovery is possible at the Coleman Institute in Cleveland (Willoughby), OH. Our experienced team will work with you to detox safely and quickly, giving you the best possible recovery.
The Coleman Institute’s Prescription Drug Detox program is a quick and comfortable way to detox from opioids without intense withdrawal symptoms. The Coleman Institute in Cleveland (Willoughby), OH, offers an outpatient program that you can complete in as little as 3-8 days. We also use tailored comfort medications to help you detox safely and comfortably. 98% of our patients complete their detox off opioids using the Coleman Method.

The Benefits of Our Prescription Drug Detox in Cleveland (Willoughby), OH
Outpatient Care

  • No general anesthesia needed
  • Outpatient detox off prescription opiates
  • As few as 3 days to complete the prescription drug detox

Minimal Discomfort

  • Caring support from medical professionals who understand prescription drug dependency
  • Medicine to reduce pain
  • Safe and assisted withdrawal process

Long-Term Support

  • Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings and prevent prescription drug relapse
  • Long-term plan for maintaining sobriety
  • Access to recovery support services

Prescription Drug Detox Resources

We know how addiction works and how horrible withdrawal is. So we’ve created a comfortable outpatient detox program with a 98% completion rate and can be finished in as little as 3 days. If you’re ready to change your relationship with prescription drugs, our Prescription Drug Detox program can help you make a fresh start.
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