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We are committed to helping you or your loved one Get Clean and Stay Clean. Through our innovative detox program, we offer the best help available in a safe and supportive environment.

We have programs that can help you detox off of:


We can help you Stay Clean with:

Treating a patient who’s struggling with addiction is a unique challenge. You have their best interest in mind, but finding the right protocol to create real change can feel impossible.

At The Coleman Institute, we often work with physicians who are searching for an experienced addiction-specialist referral. Our staff of qualified, caring practitioners has years of experience dealing with addiction — including prescription drugs, alcohol and opiates. With our network of offices in major cities across the U.S., we can treat your patient close to home in the most comfortable and convenient setting possible. Our National Medical Director, Dr. Peter Coleman, understands first-hand the struggles of addiction, and his empathetic care is at the heart of our support.

How We Approach Addiction

We know that addiction is a brain disease, not a personal failing, so we treat it as such. From the first introduction to our program’s completion, we work to prepare every patient for the challenges they’ll face with long-term recovery.

  • Abstinence Focus
    We do not use any opiates or other potentially addictive drugs in our programs. We believe abstinence is not only possible for people currently struggling with a dependency — it’s the best way for them to get and stay clean for life.
  • Accelerated Detox
    Our Accelerated Detox process allows our patients to detox without the intense discomfort that typically comes with a traditional detoxification. Over a few days of outpatient treatment, we safely push the drugs from their bodies, with the patients mildly sedated the entire time. We’ve treated thousands of patients with this approach, and 98% of them have successfully completed their detox.
  • Naltrexone Therapy
    Since 1998, TCI has pioneered the use of Naltrexone implants or injections to reduce cravings after detox. We recommend that most patients continue using the therapy for 12 months, so they can begin psychological healing without worrying so much about cravings or relapse.
  • Long-Term Support
    Detoxing is just the beginning of an addiction-free life. With the drugs out of their system and Naltrexone therapy reducing cravings, patients are prepared to begin the road toward lifelong sobriety. We support them with our Stay Clean program, providing the guidance and assistance they need during recovery.

When you refer a patient to The Coleman Institute, you can trust that you’re placing them in the care of experienced specialists who truly care. If you or your patient has any questions, we’d love to talk. Please call us today: 877-773-3869.

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