Boston Accelerated Hydrocodone Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Accelerated Hydrocodone Detox options in Boston (Wellesley), MA

When someone becomes addicted to Hydrocodone, the opiates within the drug hijack the brain’s chemical production. As a result, the brain stops making enough of the endorphins to feel happy and reduce pain. Detox removes these harmful chemicals, so endorphin levels can eventually return to normal. The misery you feel from trying to detox on your own is natural. But it’s not the only path towards the addiction-free life you deserve.

Our Accelerated Hydrocodone Detox in Boston (Wellesley), MA removes the opiates from the brain in the most comfortable way possible, so endorphin levels can return to normal. Instead of the typical 10 days, our detox only takes about 3 days.

The Benefits of the Coleman Institute’s Accelerated Hydrocodone Detox program:

  • Outpatient care
  • Safe, assisted withdrawal process
  • Naltrexone therapy to reduce cravings and prevent relapse

Our program has helped thousands of patients free themselves from the destructive effects of addiction. After safely detoxing, we help patients find the resources they need to stay clean.

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You can free yourself from addiction. Add your name to the 98% of patients who successfully completed their detox.

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