Suboxone Detox

The Coleman Institute offers Suboxone detox options in Austin, TX

Suboxone is often used to suppress withdrawal symptoms during heroin detox, but it also has addictive qualities that can lead to another dependence. Many Suboxone users have freed themselves from an opiate addiction only to find themselves with a new one.

Suboxone withdrawal can be extremely difficult and drawn out. While some clinics will help patients taper off the drug slowly, it is still a very long, painful process at best.

At The Coleman Institute in Austin, TX, we offer an accelerated detox option that we’ve specifically designed for Suboxone patients. Because Suboxone stays in the body much longer than other drugs, we extend our outpatient treatment to eight days, rather than the typical three.

During this time, the drug can be removed from the brain receptors using non-addictive medication and sedatives to reduce discomfort. Our outpatient care is completed in our Austin location with no hospital stays required.

After detox, we provide our patients with access to recovery support services and a plan for maintaining sobriety. We believe that lifelong recovery is possible and are ready to help you achieve an addiction-free life.

If you are ready to end the cycle of addiction, contact The Coleman Institute today.

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