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Emotionally Naked Interviews Dr. Peter Coleman – Part One

Ann Moss Rogers of Emotionally Naked interviews Dr. Peter Coleman to learn more about the Coleman Institute and opioid addiction. The Coleman Institute believes it is important for families to be well educated on the treatment options that are available so they can help their loved ones find the road to recovery.

Watch part one of the interview between Ann Moss Rogers and Dr. Peter Coleman to learn more about opioid addiction, the Coleman Institute’s detox program and the best approach to take as a family member of a loved one who is addicted to opioids.

Gaming and fentanyl: How one addiction may feed into the other

Drug NeedleIf you’ve ever undergone surgery and had anesthesia, chances are you might have taken fentanyl — a narcotic analgesic that when combined with a sleep agent, helps your body survive the trauma of being opened up. But fentanyl has a deadly side. It’s largely considered the worst of the worst of addictive opioids that are part of a crisis that’s killing Americans nationwide. Read The Southside Daily Article Here.

Dr. Peter Coleman Discusses Poppy Tea on WRIC

Dr. Peter Coleman was featured on the WRIC in Richmond, VA discussing the dangerous drug known as “poppy tea.” It was recently discovered that a JMU student overdosed from drinking this substance. It’s made from combining just two ingredients – poppy seeds and water – which can become addictive and deadly. Dr. Coleman has detoxed patients that drank poppy tea as a substitute for heroin. However, poppy tea can make users even more addicted to opiates and for that reason is extremely dangerous.



Dr. Coleman Discusses Virginia Drug Safety Initiative on WRIC

Dr. Peter Coleman was featured on the Richmond ABC affiliate discussing the recently announced prescription drug safety initiative, set up by Attorney General Mark Herring. The Virginia AG has secured the donation of 80,000 drug deactivation kits capable of safely disposing of 3.6 million leftover prescription pills. Dr. Peter Coleman was interviewed for his take on the reasons why opioid addiction is such a strong epidemic. He believes part of it stems from young people having easy access to their parent’s medicine cabinets, and part of it comes from doctors over-prescribing opiates. 



Dr. Coleman Discusses Opiate Epidemic on NBC 12

Dr. Peter Coleman was recently featured on the Richmond NBC affiliate discussing the opiate epidemic. The makers of Suboxone®, based out of Chesterfield, are facing a lawsuit brought on by 35 states – including Virginia. The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer changed their formula, pushing generic manufacturers out of the market.