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In The News

Gaming and fentanyl: How one addiction may feed into the other

Drug NeedleIf you’ve ever undergone surgery and had anesthesia, chances are you might have taken fentanyl — a narcotic analgesic that when combined with a sleep agent, helps your body survive the trauma of being opened up. But fentanyl has a deadly side. It’s largely considered the worst of the worst of addictive opioids that are part of a crisis that’s killing Americans nationwide. Read The Southside Daily Article Here.

The Clearing Interview

Dr. Peter Coleman was interviewed by The Clearing, a non-12 Steps residential treatment on San Juan Island, WA. They apply the Principles of Spiritual Psychology to address underlying mental and emotional issues causing the challenges a person is having in their life. Read The Interview Transcript Here.

Dr. Jeffrey Simon of New Jersey Joins The Coleman Institute Network

We are excited to have Jeffrey Simon, MD join our network. Beginning in May 2017, Dr. Simon will be seeing patients in his Cherry Hill, New Jersey offices, offering a full range of treatment services including accelerated detox, Naltrexone therapy and aftercare planning. Dr. Simon has spent his career focused on addiction medicine and psychiatry, including the care of both children and adults with chronic and acute issues such as depressive and anxiety disorders, ADHD, PTSD and substance abuse. Having served in post-Katrina New Orleans where he completed his residency, Dr. Simon completed a fellowship in addiction medicine and psychiatry at the Dartmouth School of Medicine before returning home to New Jersey to set up his practice. He has served as Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer at several inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Read More.



Dr. Peter Coleman Discusses Poppy Tea on WRIC

Dr. Peter Coleman was featured on the WRIC in Richmond, VA discussing the dangerous drug known as “poppy tea.” It was recently discovered that a JMU student overdosed from drinking this substance. It’s made from combining just two ingredients – poppy seeds and water – which can become addictive and deadly. Dr. Coleman has detoxed patients that drank poppy tea as a substitute for heroin. However, poppy tea can make users even more addicted to opiates and for that reason is extremely dangerous.



Dr. Coleman Discusses Virginia Drug Safety Initiative on WRIC

Dr. Peter Coleman was featured on the Richmond ABC affiliate discussing the recently announced prescription drug safety initiative, set up by Attorney General Mark Herring. The Virginia AG has secured the donation of 80,000 drug deactivation kits capable of safely disposing of 3.6 million leftover prescription pills. Dr. Peter Coleman was interviewed for his take on the reasons why opioid addiction is such a strong epidemic. He believes part of it stems from young people having easy access to their parent’s medicine cabinets, and part of it comes from doctors over-prescribing opiates.