An Affordable Path to Recovery

Many of our patients and their loved ones are concerned about the cost of our accelerated detox services. But we would never want money to keep you from turning your life around.

At the Coleman Institute, our pricing varies somewhat based on each patient’s specific addiction and treatment needs.

Many commercial insurance plans cover our treatments and our Care Advocates are available by phone to discuss specifics and to verify your insurance benefits.

We also accept all major credit cards and offer financing options through several independent companies. In some cases, even if your insurer won’t cover the procedure in advance, it is possible that your insurer may reimburse part of the cost after the fact.

We can help show you how to make the powerful step toward an addiction-free life — with a financial commitment that works for you.

Call our patient support team today at 877-773-3869.


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Many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans nationwide cover addiction treatments provided at our Richmond, Virginia office. Anthem Virginia PPO and HMO plans cover our detox services in Richmond.


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Our Richmond and Wellesley (Boston area) offices are in-network for Humana commercial and Humana Medicare plans.

We Can Help

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