Patient Survey Results

Patient Survey Results

Were you satisfied with our program?



I feel like a new person with a clean head and so much energy.

Because it was easy and very effective.

This implant is saving my life.

I was in good hands! Thank you.

I brought in my son for treatment. Although it has not been a totally easy process for him, I know it was made easier through this process and he is doing very well. The staff was awesome and it was a very good overall experience.

Would you recommend to a friend or a family member?



Because it went so well and has been good to date.

Based on the great care I had.

If anyone I know ever struggles getting off benzo’s, this is the ONLY way I would tell them it is possible. I have tried many other ways and this worked wonders!

Survey Responses are from Surveys Completed October, 2012 through May, 2014


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